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Sep 4, 2008 04:06 PM

Need help choosing among the following restaurants!

My husband and I want to do lunch at two of the GREAT restraurants, since it will be more affordable. Here's what I've narrowed it down to, I'd appreciate any recommendations (esp if you've had their set lunch menus):

Guy Savoy
Pierre Gagnaire
Les Ambassadeurs
Le Relais (Plaza Athenee)
Le Cinq
L'atelier de Joel Robuchon
Les Boquinistes
Le Comptoir
Aux Lyonnais
Le Meurice
Le Grand Vefour

So if you could only got to two, which would they be?


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  1. For me:
    Guy Savoy - lunch is fabulous, super value at 100e pp

    Le Cinq - Briffard is a great Chef, loved his food at Les Elysses, can't wait to see what he is doing at the opulent George V

    your forgot to list L'Ambroisie...probably the greatest of the great - and the most expensive

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      1. re: souphie

        Depends, if you want the best food.

        Savoy and Pierre Gagnaire

        If you want good(relative here, all these places have good food) food, but to eat it in an amazing room full of history

        Les Ambassadeurs and Ledoyen

        All IMHO, naturally

        Several on your list are not a patch on the top restaurants you list, I'm thinking of Les Boquinistes, Le Comptoir, Aux Lyonnais and Le Meurice. Worthy places, but not a scratch on some of the others on your list.

        Maybe a great food and a great room combo?


        1. re: zasuna

          I would have to disagree - Ledoyen's food is imo better than Savoy's, but the human experience is what makes Savoy wonderful. I agree that les Ambassadeurs' room is extraordinary, I find the food is sterile and virtuoso. And I don't understand why Zasuna would take Le Meurice with le Comptoir -- it's actually probably the most somptuous palace of them all, with a room that is actually Versailles-copied.

          Zasuna has an excellent point: what is it that you want, expect, and like? It would allow for a much more useful response than just stating our preferences.

          By the way, I just made a map of all restaurants I reviewed, with links to the reviews and pictures. Many of the restaurants you mention are in there.

          1. re: souphie

            As you say Savoy is the total experience and I (or rather may partner) had a less than satisfactory meal at Ledoyen.

            You are indeed correct about Le Meurice, I was thinking of somewhere else. Age is a strange thing, my apologies.

    1. Hi Everyone,

      I can't find the 100e deal on Savoy's website, is it still available?

      The Michilen guide lists Le Cinq at approximately 135/210e for the fixe menu. That price appears "relatively cheap", given the praise of this chef from this board. Is it because the restaurant is "only" a two star?

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      1. re: Apprentice

        i just went on their website, and the first thing that pops up is the 100e deal (maybe your computer is blocking it as a "pop-up"?) - i think you have to make reservations online for it

        1. re: patz

          Looks like the way I directed myself to the site bypassed the pop up. Thanks!

      2. i just had to make a similar decision and went with Ledoyen and Gagnaire, both of which were excellent, though in different ways. it depends what you're looking for, but if you're really in it for the food you should rule out Taillevent and Vefour and consider Gagnaire, Ledoyen, Ambassadeurs, and Le Cinq.