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Cooking Schools in Italy

Does anyone have any experience with Italian cooking schools? I'd love to try a week or so cooking, tasting and generally enjoying!



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  1. Elena,
    in which part of Italy would you try for cooking school ?

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      Looking in Tuscany. I'm a pretty good cook, but this will be my first time in Italy and first time at a cooking school.

    2. If in Liguria I suggest the cooking school of the GRAND HOTEL MIRAMARE in Santa Margherita Ligure.
      Look at its website: www.grandhotelmiramare.it/

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        Have you taken the course at the school and if so, what was it about the course that makes you recommend it. Thanks.

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          May I also ask if anyone knows of cooking classes-one to two days-in Florence?
          Many thanks.

      2. I would suggest going to Slowtrav http://www.slowtrav.com/cl/short.asp?... for a good list.


        1. check out http://www.cucinadellaterra.com i went in june. it was incredible!

          1. Here is one featured in the NY Times recently. In Tuscany.


            And in Bologna:


            1. I took a one day class from Caterina at Poggie Asciutto in Greve, Italy (near Florence). She teaches the class at her Agriturismo with an English interpreter. We had a lot of fun - the leek tart we made was amazing:


              1. This year we decided to spend a week in Umbria ( Orvieto Area) and we attended a wonderful daily cooking class with Velia. So much fun and the food is really the best we ever tried.

                1. Just read a book with an account of a course taken here, in Lucca:


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                    I would second the recommendation for Cucina della Terra in Umbria. Although I haven't attended, I have taken many, many classes here with the instructor and she's one of the best teachers I've ever taken a cooking class with anywhere. I did see all her photos from the class and spoke with her about the school, and it looks great.
                    I'd also recommend the Slow Food associated ItalCook school in Le Marche. However, they primarily have long courses for professionals and only do one- or two-week long serious courses for enthusiasts once or twice a year and they may have already completed the class for this year. But for future consideration:


                  2. Another option is the Cordon Bleu school in Florence. I have friends who have taken cooking courses there, and (through those friends) I have become friends with Gabriella Mari - one of the school's two owners. (I know, sounds like I have a conflict of interest here, but I see it as having insider info...?)

                    The school just put in a new kitchen this summer and it looks great! Gabriella, her co-owner Cristina, and all of their teachers are really expert chefs - and their school has been a professional institution for over 20 years. (Be aware when choosing a school, that there are a lot of new people opening up cooking schools for tourists in Tuscany! So wherever you decide to go, make sure you've done some research and get a real school, not just a business venture...)

                    From personal experience, I can tell you that everything Gabriella has ever cooked for me was delicious! Were I looking for a cooking class, I would go to Cordon Bleu in a second! Good luck and let us know if you find someplace you like...

                    They have a website here: http://cordonbleu-it.com/

                    Scuola di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu, Firenze
                    Via di Mezzo, 55-red, Florence, Tuscany 50121, IT