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Did my cleaning lady ruin my WINE???

I have a wine fridge containing about 20 bottles of Whites and reds and one bottle of Moet. They are all California's but all are mid-to high end varietals. Nothing older than 2003.....my moron cleaning lady unplugged my wine fridge and let all of the bottles warm up to around room temperature....i would say they went from around 55 to 75 (my place is warm).

I know most of the Chards and Blancs are ok but does anyone know if my Cabs and noirs are ruined??? I have a couple of bottles I was going to age for about 5 years I am praying that they are safe.

Any advice?

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  1. they are fine. I worked in a restaurant that kept most of their high end cabs and Pinot noirs @ room temp , which was often in the higher 70's. I would take them out, put them in a basement ( if available) and keep them cool, do not put back in the wine fridge. If you need help enjoying the wine let me know :)

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      Thanks alo everyone I feel much better. I jsut recently started actualyl colelcting and it freaked me out a little bit. I braught all these impossible to find bottles home from my trip to Sonoma a few months ago and I was mortified that they where ruined!!

      Great news thanks!!!!!

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        "take them out put them in a basement ( if available) and keep them cool"

        Why take the wines from the wine fridge? Why not "keep them cool" in the appliance designed for that very purpose?

      2. oh and on a side note...give the cleaning woman a break. It was a mistake.

        1. What was the last time you went to a wine store and everything was stored at 55° ?

          My advice is to plug wine cellar back to cool the wine down and for you to chill out.

          BTW this thread belongs in the WINE board.

          1. "I know most of the Chards and Blancs are ok"

            You are right, these and the rest of your wines are okay, but how do you know this?

            IOW why would you think ["know"] these wines are okay but a Cab in the same circumstance might be ruined?

            1. 75 degrees for what sounds like just a few hours is not going to hurt anything. As someone pointed out, do you think wines at the store are kept at ideal conditions? Our thermostat is set at 78 degrees in our house so wherever you are, it can't be all that warm if it goes up to only 75 in your house.

              1. No reason I can think of to NOT put them back in the wine fridge.

                1. They're fine, if you're talking about a few hours, which it sounds like you are. Glass is a notoriously poor conductor of heat, so even if the outside of the bottles hit 75, the wine almost certainly didn't come close to that, and in any case, while it's not ideal, it takes more effort than that to cook the product.

                  1. I always wonder what kind of condtions wine is exposed to when it's shipped cross-country in a UPS truck--can't be ideal...

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                      A normal summer day in most parts of the country means 100+ temps in the cargo area. The floors of the trucks pick up heat from the road and drivetrain, while the upper shelves are naturally hotter as hot air rises. This leaves it up to the shipper to hopefully properly pack the goods and send it next day. I rarely shop online for wine, but when I have, the shipper has pre-cooled the wines prior to shipment and shipped it overnight via Fedex in those foam shipping containers which are then put in double-thick boxes - they arrive still cool to the touch - amazing...