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Sep 4, 2008 03:19 PM

Burlington VT, and surrounding areas?

Looking to give a gift certificate to friends who have lived in Burlington for the last three years. Any kind of cuisine, although veggie/fish options would be great, since she's not much of a carnivore.

Anything within 30 minutes of Burlington would be fine-- the more off-beat (while still being good), the better! And, it's an anniversary present, so... Probably a little up-scale would be best.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Inn at Shelburne Farms is great this time of year, and quite a treat, upscale and memorable. Veggie wise I think A Single Pebble has the best/most Vegetarian options on the menu. L'Amante and Trattoria Delia are great too. Trattoria would win in the anniversary department, being the most romantic.

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      Those are all good suggestions! I'll second Trattoria Delia (Italian) on the ambience... I went for my birthday last year, and had amazing food. Single Pebble is upscale Chinese, and definitely more off-beat.

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        Completely unrelated -- apologies -- but I ran into a series of posts you did on your use of Marmoleum as a kitchen counter top. Judging from when those were dated, I'd guess it's been a year ago. Would you mind sharing how the Marmoleum has held up? My wife and I are considering using the same stuff on our new kitchen counters. Thanks!

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          No problem! The marmoleum has held up very well under heavy usage. I use cutting boards when I chop food, and a trivet if I need to put a really hot pot down on it, but they've gotten a lot of use and don't show it at all. I think I mentioned in my other post that it takes a bit of expertise to assemble the counters, but you can't beat the cost - I'd definitely use it again.
          The install photos on our blog have more detail:

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            Thanks for the info, Raedia!!!! I think you pushed us off the fence and firmly into the Marmoleum camp!

    2. My husband is from Colchester- the last few times we have been in Vermont we ate at Leunig's on Church Street. I felt that the dishes were well prepared and elegantly creative, though it doesn't necessarily have a very upscale feel to it. Hen of the Wood in Waterbury may be pushing the 30 minute mark but it's probably the best upscale restaurant in Vermont. (And coming from Los Angeles, I can tell you this place is still very reasonably priced)

      1. I'll second (third?) the rec's for L'Amante and Trattoria Delia. Trat's ambience really lends itself to a fall or winter meal-- it's too dark & cozy for summer, IMO, while L'Amante is great year-round. Smokejack's might be another option. From a cuisine standpoint, L'Amante may have the best options-- their signature dish is a sole with buerre blanc and is outstanding. Their squash blossom fritters are also sensational.

        1. how about the Daily Planet... good veggie options, def off beat, the shanty has good fish...

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            Trattoria Delia would be the best bet. I would love to get a gift certificate there...

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              I third (fourth?) the recommendation for Trattoria Delia. The best, IMO.

          2. Maybe a bit late to reply...but,

            A good foodie certificate may be for the New England Culinary Institute (Alton Brown's alma mater) at Essex. Friends had given us one for Xmas last year. With the certificate, we stayed at the NECI's inn and ate their school restaurant, Butlers.
            We had money left on the certificate and used it at Butlers, their on-site pub, on a later visit.
            Let me just add that our experience at Butlers wasn't necessarily top notch (I think our expectations were too high), but we had a very good time at Butlers.