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Sep 4, 2008 02:52 PM

Katsuya, CUT, and Ivy Recs

Hey everyone I’m in need of some help. Work is sending me to write an article about three very specific restaurants; Katsuya (Studio City) tomorrow, CUT and The Ivy are next week. I’ve done a search and have jotted down some options, but does anyone else have anything to add from more recent visits of dishes to try from ANY menu category? I should be trying dishes the restaurant is known for or sleeper options not to miss. Any and all help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. i would be more than happy to help you with your work. first off cut...try the pork belly app as well as the bone marrow. very good. then try the steak sampler plate: 35 day old american beef, the american waygu and then the 2oz kobe. my personal fav is the american waygu since the kobe was a bit too fatty for me (probably just not use to it). deserts, salads, cocktails are great too. eat slowly and soak up the atmoshpere. last time i ate there elton john was having dinner with ozzy and sharon osborne next to us. katsuya ...must have the crabs rollups. wow. i wish they made it in burrito form. everything else there is pretty tasty. anything that says with jalapeno is just like a bell pepper on top, they remove the seeds so its not spicy. i heard the ivy is like eating at norms except with paparazzi and bad food.

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      I assumed Ivy would be more about atmosphere then food. A place where the person eating the meal is more important then what is on their fork.

    2. I was just at CUT recently:

      As stated before, try the bone marrow flan. Everybody seems to rave about it, but I wasn't impressed. The veal tongue is an interesting item that was surprisingly good. The steak tartare is one of my favorites.

      If you're dining alone, the steak sampler is a good choice. You MUST try the Japanese Wagyu and compare it with the other types of steak offered. If you have other people dining with you, ordering steaks separately and splitting them is much a better value.

      Desserts are quite solid and worth a try as well.

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        Thanks for the recommendations, and the link. Any notion of the good offerings off the bar menu? I know the kobe sliders are supposed to be particularly good.

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          Unfortunately I haven't been to the bar. The sliders are the item that everyone raves about though!

      2. at the Ivy, the crab cakes and the GRILLED VEGGIE SALAD! my mom adores their apple tarte tatin (and she's a bit of a connosseur).

        i recall really liking my albacore in ponzu at katsuya last time i was there - simple dish yet well done.

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          I'm thinking the grilled veggie salad is a must then. Do you know if the lunch and dinner menu are the same price wise?

          1. re: ReelMike84

            don't quote me on this because i haven't been there in a while, but i think the lunch & dinner menus are pretty much the same, maybe with just a few differences in the daily/nightly specials. the grilled veggie salad is definitely the same price regardless of what time you go.

        2. I like the crispy rice with spicy tuna, creamy rock shrimp tempura and crab hand roll at Katsuya.

          At the Ivy, I like the crab cakes, the Santa Barbara shrimp with pepper sauce, and the soft shell crab with cajun spices, when it's in season.

          Only been to Cut once, but remember liking the appetizers better than the steak.

          1. Emme already mentioned it, but it bears repeating...the grilled vegetable salad at the Ivy. i personally like it with shrimp.