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Sep 4, 2008 02:49 PM

Mid Town Eats

hey! i am in NYC for 2 weeks on a job but want to make sure I eat at the best Manhattan has to offer. I don't have a disposable income but don't mind an expensive restaurant as long as it's great and doesn't have a dress code. Any must try suggestions?


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  1. Your question is really vague and the subject of your post is a little misleading...A lot of midtown questions usually have to do with pre-theatre eating or cheap eats for office works.

    Are you willing to travel to eat the best Manhattan has to offer?

    How expensive is expensive? Please name specifically the most you are willing to pay per meal, including tax, tip, beverages, etc.

    Any preferred neighborhoods or do you want to stay in Midtown?

    Any cuisines you specifically want to try or cuisines you want to stay away from?

    Where are you coming to NYC from? We usually try not to recommend BBQ restaurants to Texans, Mexican to LA natives, etc. Manhattan is not equally strong in all cuisines both in depth and breadth and quality.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thank you for focussing my post!

      I am in town from LA for Fashion Week. Working and staying walking distance from Bryant Park. I would like to stay in Manhattan and am looking for a hip, fun dining experience. There is a good chance I will be dining alone.

      I have been to NYC before and done cheap eats and good pizza but now am looking for a can't miss, non touristy kind of place. Can be any cuisine. Would like try Fraunces, Les Halles, etc

      1. re: mwfoodie

        So fine dining, party of 1, are you OK eating at the bar as a walk-in or would you prefer to make a reservation? Most restaurants in NYC are used to solo diners so you won't get worse service, BTW. But there is lots of great bar dining to be had in NYC and some people prefer the interaction with other bar diners, bartenders, the hustle and bustle. What's your max price range?

        Recommendations for fine dining, solo diner:

        1. re: mwfoodie

          I'm not a fan of Les Halles, which, in my view, is living on its past Bourdain connection. Mediocre food, poor service, sardine-tight seating, and an insanely high noise level.

          Fraunces Tavern? Hardly hip and not exactly known for fine cuisine.

          1. re: mwfoodie

            I agree that Fraunces Tavern should not even be considered, and though I enjoy an occasional lunch at Les Halles, it is definitely not a destination, nor is it particularly hip, or fun. You may want to try Bar Blanc. It's definitely hip and trendy, and the food is interesting and sophisticated. Perilla is also nice, a little less self-consciously hip, but lively and popular with great food. Degustation is another possibility, very good for solo dining with all seating around a bar, and the food is phenomenal.

        2. Bleh, Les Halles.
          In the Bryant Park general area,
          Phoenix Garden has very nice Cantonese food. BYOB.
          Chola has a fantastic lunch buffet--indian food.
          Artisanal is good if you like Cheese. Really great cheese. I hear they have a nice brunch too.
          I love the bi bim bop and kimchi at Gahm mi Oak in little korea. They also serve nice and very decently priced shochu.
          Sakagura for japanese food and great sake.
          Penelope is a homey little place to have some nice wine and good food.
          In curry hill is Saravanaas which is just fabulous south indian food.
          Another good central food place is Grand Central. Lots of goodies in the market upstairs and lots of goodies in the food court downstairs.
          Dean's pizza on second ave and 42nd makes a decent pie. Great black cow milk shakes at Goodburger across the street.
          If you are here on a sunday, make servations for Turkish Kitchen burnch. They have a truly wonderful brunch buffet. also have good prix fix lunch deals on weekdays.

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          1. re: abud

            that's good to know about Les Halles. i picked Fraunces because of the history behind it. i think around $150 would be my max per person.

            thank you so much for the suggestions!