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Sep 4, 2008 02:39 PM

We're at the Hotel del Coronado: Where to eat tonight? (SD)

There is the restaurant here, 1500, which advertises a prix fixe dinner-the menu looks good but it's expensive and I'm only willing to splurge if it's really fabulous. There is a Cafe Lorna around the corner-anyone know if it's any good? The menu looked intriguing.

We have a rental car, so aren't confined to Coronado.

We've thought about heading the Gaslamp district, to do some barhopping later, so that's a possible area.

There are two of us. We are most interested in tapas or seafood. A decent list of wine by the glass. Someplace either on the water or in an area of town that would be fun to explore. We aren't going to be super dressed-up so nothing incredibly formal-plus we're planning lots of laughter so we don't want someplace so stuffy that we'll be out of place :).

Budget isn't a huge issue, but if it's expensive, we'd like it to be really fabulous. Great service is really important.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I just saw this in the reader and I am really interested in checking it out:

    1. "Budget isn't a huge issue, but if it's expensive, we'd like it to be really fabulous"
      1500 ain't fabulous.

      1. Cafe Sevilla in the Gaslamp is nice. It's not really a kid place, if that's a concern. It's Spanish, so there's tapas, brochette, and paella. There's a club downstairs. It's one of those take-your-time places.

        1. If you're looking at drinks and apps, Peohe's does both reasonably well. It's right on the water and has one of the more spectacular water vistas in the city. Their regular menu can be on the hit-or-miss side, but they do appetizers surprisingly well. The onion rings are very good. It's casual, relaxing and a very nice place to do happy hour and watch the boats go by on the Bay.

          You can also catch the water taxi from the pier by Peohe's over to downtown and the Gaslamp.

          1. I may have low standards, and may be a simpleton, and without taste of any sort, but I enjoyed two great meals at 1500 Ocean, and if I were at the Del, that's where I'd go. For more casual, I'd head on over the the new Burger Lounge.