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Sep 4, 2008 02:33 PM

Planning corp holiday party for 75-80

Someplace not too trendy, with food, nice bar, able to stay after and drink. HELP!

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  1. We've had ours at the Bryant Park Grill....Then head to the cellar bar after....
    You can just have it at the cellar bar actually (in the bryant park hotel)

    Katra is a great place too...I'm friend is actually the owner and he would LOVE to accomodate you and I would LOVE to help...
    Check out the reviews here (He's Chris; he's mentioned in every review pretty much).

    The website is
    great place...they have a lot of coroprate parties there

    1. We've had ours at Flute (Flatiron) and Bubble Lounge (TriBeCa) and both were great options. Our party was for around 20 people, but they will accomodate any size. Both are mainly finger food and appetizers, but everything was delicious and you can stay after and drink at both.

      1. I have sponsored a number of events at the Red Eye. They have an upstairs area with a private bar, and a number of seating options- I did a sit down lunch for about a dozen, have done a few buffet dinners for about the same number you are talking about ( one had a DJ with dancing) and also a buffet brunch by the fireplace. The food is consistant.

        1. Rosa Mexicano
          in lin center or USQ only