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Sep 4, 2008 02:31 PM

Anthony Bourdain in Kansas City

Anyone going to his talk at the Midland Theater or his meet and greet at The Bristol in Power and Light?

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  1. I will with my fiancee, yes.

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    1. re: belge

      Yeah, that’s awesome!! I haven't heard of anyone I know that was going. My boyfriend is being kind enough to let me go without him on our anniversery. Did you all get tickets to the after event at the Bristol too?

      1. re: emassow

        no! i'm going to see if anyone is scalping them at the event though!

        i see you picture on you avatar. i'm 6'2" with a ton of tattoos, shaved head and mutton chops. come say hi!

        1. re: belge

          Cool. I will keep an eye out for you. Hope you can get a ticket! :)

    2. I think they'll have a pretty full house for the talk...and the meet and greet is sold out (300 tickets went fast for that)

      He's in Lincoln, NE the next evening at the Lied Center (Tix are $10)

      1. Unfortunately, no. I have to work that night (at a fine dining independent restaurant). Wondering if he will stop in at any nice locally owned spots.

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        1. re: greatdeedo

          Sorry to hear that you have to work, that does blow. I hope he trys some of the local eats while he's in town. We got some great food here for him to miss it.

        2. My friend and I are going to both the presentation and the meet and greet. We're totally psyched.

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            Thats awsome! I'm going stag and am a little nervious about the meet and greet. None of my friends were interested...the heardships of a foodie.