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Sep 4, 2008 02:26 PM

Cooking in Gulf Shores

I'm going to be in Gulf Shores for a week in October. We'll probably eat out some, but I'd really like to a little cooking since the kitchen at our condo has better appointments than home.

Does anyone have any recipes, advice, or tips about how to make the best of beach eating. Where is the best place to get seafood? How much do you save buying off the boat v. a seafood market v. the grocery store?


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  1. There really isn't any "buying off the boat" in Gulf Shores. There are some excellent seafood markets including Billy's Seafood (my personal fave), Boudreaux, Lartigues in Orange Beach and Fort Morgan Seafood on Ft Morgan Road. All have excellent fresh local shrimp and fish. Grocery stores like Bruno's, Winn Dixie and Wal Mart do not offer fresh local seafood. By the time you get down here the new Publix will probably be open in Orange Beach, but I doubt they will offer fresh local stuff, either.

    1. http://www.freshmarketseafood.biz/ind...

      We stopped here on the way home from Orange Beach in July. I loaded up on lots of seafood. The tuna was the best! Everything was so fresh.