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Can't find bison or kobe tenderloin anywhere

Hi, does anyone knwo where I can find either (preferably both) kobe and bison tenderloin? I've tried Cumbrae, White house, Wholefoods, pusateri - St' lawrence mkt. Nothing.

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  1. Try the Healthy Butcher..


    Call them ahead of time and ask if they can order you some.

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    1. It seems like you're looking for two totally different meats. As far as I know Kobe is meat is cut from very fatty, grain stuffed, cattle. Bison are valued for their very low fat levels.
      I know little about the kobe style cattle here in Ontario but I can point you to bison farmers that excel in very low fat pastured animals or alternately, those that grain supplement to boost the fat content. If you can be more specific about the bison you want, I'll drop you some links and phone numbers.

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        Yes, I'm looking for both - they are for different meals - but I would settle for finding either. I need bison tenderloin and kobe tenderloin. Any contacts would be awesome - thanks a bunch.

      2. Lady & Son at Queen E. and Jones sometimes has bison.

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          Great I will try there, thanks.

        2. Pretty sure White house Meats carries bison cuts (including tenderloin) at the St Lawrence Market. Call ahead to be sure. 416-366-4465

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            Thanks for your idea...tried there - they don't have loin and can't get it in anytime soon.

          2. you can't find kobe in toronto, there's been many threads talking about it. Most of what you'll find that's labelled Kobe is "Waygu", which is the American bred version descended from kobe cattle imported into the US in very limited numbers.

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              Yes, I can't find that either - I'd settle for it happily. I've read the chains on kobe - and not come up with anything - anywhere that has tenderloin. Thanks for your reply.

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                  Jeannieh - not familiar with J-Town..that is brilliant!! Thank you - I also need shiso so that might be double'ee perfect. Thanks you..

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                    letaylor96 - here's a picture with prices of the J-Town cuts of meat. I didn't see tenderloin last time I went, which is why I didn't suggest it - but now that you are open to striploin, the prices are in the pic:


                    Here's an earlier post I have on J-Town


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                      Whoa that kobe steak looks goooood. The price, though.. wow.

                      1. re: NovoCuisine

                        The price is relatively tame; it's American wagyu. Poor marbling and unappetizing colour and presentation, unfortunately (coming from a Japanese perspective).

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                          Still makes my mouth water though.... Price is on par with Cumbrae's meats, which IMO are amazing. Haven't had a chance yet to try this US Wagyu yet though. Cannot wait to try real Kobe as well, so I can see it from your perspective as well, tjr.

                          1. re: BokChoi

                            The North American wagyu can be of high quality as well, at which point it is astronomically-priced and less available; wagyu of the variety in the picture is okay, but it's simply a regular steak with slightly higher fat content. I'm sure it's not a bad steak, but I'd rather go to Cumbrae's and get good dry-aged USDA prime rib/strip.

                            NovoCuisine, a quick google search on pricing of authentic Kobe, or even high grade wagyu, as well as an image search, will show you what I'm talking about. Or you could head down to Pusateri's and look at their wagyu, along with its price tag.

                2. re: aser

                  Thanks - I've been looking for both - either - any can't find them in tenderloin cut.

                3. The Butcher Shoppe sells 13 lb boxes of Kobe strip loin. Maybe they can help.


                  They have caribou and muskox tenderloin on their list.

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                  1. re: jayt90

                    They also sell "buffalo tenderloin;" I'd give them a try. Otherwise, just ask various butchers who carry bison. Most would probably order it in for you, though I'm not sure what kind of time limitations there are.

                    "Kobe" (you'd mentioned that you had read the other threads on this, so I won't go into it more) tenderloin will be difficult to find in Toronto; I've had it several times in Japan, but even there, it is more common to find more well-marbled cuts to enjoy the full flavour, texture, etc. of the beef. Tenderloin, being less fatty, lacks (well, more so than other cuts) the attributes for which most people would purchase high-grade wagyu.

                    I don't think you'll find Japanese wagyu tenderloin in Toronto due to the reasons above (it's not like the shops/restaurants are ordering the entire carcass, just the specific cuts), but you may be able to get in contact with one of the companies that supplies Canadian/American wagyu/wagyu-cross and see if they can get you some; otherwise try asking at a butcher shop that carries other cuts and see if they can get it for you.

                    1. re: tjr

                      i can't thank you enough for taking so much time to reply - honestly thank you. I think your advice is awesome. I may just go for a striploin (kobe) or pure old beef tenderloin. Thanks very much, again, for taking so much time to reply.

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                        If you do try the Butcher Shoppe (who are substantially a restaurant supply business), you can 'mostly' buy a sub-division of a case. For example their 'wholesale' package of venison tenderloin is 4 packages of 'double-loin'. They do sell it out of their retail walk-in outlet (on the North side of the building, towards the back - and unsigned!) in the single-package (no credit cards). But parking is 'risky' - nothing legal nearby, but a relatively quiet street - never seen anyone ticketing.
                        They do have a formal retail sale day about twice a month, but I've always been able to buy retail during normal business hours just by walking in. Service time is erratic, depending on how many restaurant buyers are ahead of you.

                    2. re: jayt90

                      Jay - thanks :) I have found the striploin - I'll double check with them.

                    3. Pusateri has some A5 wagyu striploin from Japan, I bought some a few months ago..not sure if they still have it. I believe there is no wagyu tenderloin (from Japan) in Toronto. You specifically want tenderloin, not striploin ? I had both kobe striploin and tenderloin before, the tenderloin has less excessive fat, is it the reason you want it ?

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                      1. re: skylineR33

                        They still have it. It's pretty much a "regular" item in their butcher counter now. I'm there every week. $150/lb.

                        1. re: skylineR33

                          Hi Sky - yes it is for a kobe beef tartar - it's lightly dressed with sesame dust and a chloraphyll oil - and lotus root chip.. hence the need for really tender succulent beef. I found the strip @ pusateri - and might have to settle for that. Thanks so much for your reply :)

                        2. there is a bison dealer at the liberty market farmer's market on Sundays

                          1. Hugo's Meat Market on Queensway near Royal York would be a good bet. He's got all kinds of interesting game.

                            The Bloor Meat Market may have or may be able to get.

                            1. Hey L,

                              you might want to try Olliffe on Yonge. He carries the Authentic Wagyu from Australia, pretty good stuff

                              cheers brian13