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Sep 4, 2008 01:44 PM

Sushi in Chi Town

Oysy is the name of the place and Sushi was the taste (ha!). Anyways among the stops on my recent adventure to Chicago was a good Sushi place. Now understand I have never been to Chicago, I had a limited budget, and I did not really want to leave downtown.

I ended up be pointed in the direction of Oysy. This is apparently a chain in town. I did not know that upon making my reservation which was not needed. My girlfriend and I wanted Sushi at least once. We ended up the the Oysy on Michigan about 1 mile south of the museum of art.
It was neat inside, but very open and the volume of the patrons echoed just like we were in a cafeteria.

Our service was not very good. We ordered drinks and they took a while to arrive and it took about 45 minutes before we got our Sushi. Our server never checked back to see if we wanted drink refills or anything else after serving the food.

Okay with that let's move on to the food. Great. The Sushi was great. We ordered the Winter Sushi and California Sunset which are house specialties. Also we ordered the soft shell crab tempura spider roll, spicy salmon maki, amongst other things. All the Sushi was good. I can't describe it very well or else I might be on Iron Chef. None the less, it was all good.

The prices are on par with most mid-western places so you should not go broke. Of course the specialties are a little more, but what would you expect in the 3rd largest city in the country.

Like I said the atmosphere of this location was okay, but not what I expected. We happened to walk by another Oysy location on Grand Ave. I had to peek inside and it looked more quiet and relaxing. I will go to this location next time I am in town.

Here is the link:

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  1. I have heard of Oysy but I've never been. I have however been to many other deliciious non-chain sushi places in Chicago, many of which are also great.

    I recently tried Zen Noodles and Sushi in Wicker Park. I loved their menu of sushi and it wasn't too expensive! Not to all tasted fabulous! Highly recommended.

    1. I have been to Oysy several times as a friend of mine was working there. They are ok, but nothing spectacular in my opinion.

      For the best sushi, try Mirai (Bucktown) or Katsu (Koreatown).

      For best value, try Ginza House (River North) or Sai Cafe (Lincoln Park).

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        Mirai is def the best. Why don't you wanna leave downtown? All the coolest restaurants, bars and people in Chicago are in the hood. And Mirai is in a very cool spot with a lot around it. Take a $13 cab ride or the blueline to the Division stop--it will be such a better experience than just hanging out in touristville.