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Sep 4, 2008 12:54 PM

Victoria or Vancouver for Won Ton Soup...

You guys may take it for granted, but the wonton soup you have in BC is far more superior than anything I have had in the states (granted, I have never been to San Francisco)

I have never seen such huge round dumplings full of filling and broth abundant with vegetables!

The soup I had last summer at Frank's Hunnybee Cafe was so good, I had to take a picture!

I'll be back in Vancouver the first 2 weeks of October and will be spending 2 nights in Victoria ... I want won ton soup since this is not something I can get at home. I am thinking of going to J&J Wonton Noodle House in Victoria. Is this a good choice? Is there a better place... I can eat in Victoria or Vancouver, it doesn't matter - BUT I am not planning on going to Richmond and prefer to stay in the near vacinity of downtown Vancouver. (I will not have a car)

Thank You

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  1. When in Victoria recently, we wanted to try J&J but arrived about an hour before opening and wasn't in the mood to wait, but I know it was recommended to us.

    The previous night, though, we had dinner in Chinatown at the most authentic-looking restaurant we could find--Wah Lai Yuen Restaurant on Fisgard, just west of Government. Didn't have the wonton soup, specifically, but the food definitely comforted our stomachs especially the BBQ on rice!

    Hot pot dishes spied on other tables also looked really good.

    1. My two favorites are McKim's Wonton Saga (Kingsway in Vancouver & Garden City in Richmond) and Michigan on Alderbridge in Richmond. Their broth is tasty, great wontons (the shrimpy kind) and the noodles have just enough chewiness to it. Happy King on 1st and Renfrew isn't too bad either but may not be in your area. There's always Hon's but it's not my preference.