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Sep 4, 2008 12:40 PM

Best Rye Bread in Detroit area - a la Bread Basket?

I'm an AZ chowhound heading for Troy tomorrow for a quick visit w/ friends and family. I'd love to bring back a couple loaves of rye bread. My favorite growing up was from Bread Basket (the original location in Oak Park). Who has the best rye bread now? I looked online and saw that Bread Basket has several locations (Livonia, Detroit, Warren) - is this the same BB as the Oak Park location? Is the OP location still owned by the original owners?

Hope to not have to drive too far for my perfect rye bread. TIA.

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  1. Zingerman's in Ann Arbor has an excellent loaf of rye bread. I know that their breads are carried by local food markets, super and otherwise, so check around. There may be a market local to Troy that carries it.

    1. Try Avalon in Detroit. Best bread in the city.

      1. I fully admit that I'm no expert on artisanal bread, but for my money, the Star Deli in Southfield's fresh, crusty rye bread is absolutely wonderful. I think they're $5 a shot, and you can have them slice it (by hand, obviously) thin or thick. While you're there, ask for a couple of extra heels to go with'll understand why it's so good.

        1. Give Thanks bakery in Rochester, downtown off of Main, has excellent breads--they'd be my first choice. If you go Saturday, go early as I believe they close at 1:00.

          If you decide on Zingermans, I believe Nino Salvaggio's in Troy on Rochester Road near M59 carries their bread, but not sure if they have the rye. Or Busch's in Rochester Hills at Walton and Squirrel has Zingermans.

          1. That used to be Chamberlain Bakery bread they used at Bread Basket, I think--not sure who it is now. You could ask 'em--just tell them you're visiting from Arizona and want to take some great bread home. Maybe they'll sell you a couple of loaves. If that fails, I agree that Zingerman's and Avalon do very good rye bread. Avalon's is used at Russell Street Deli in Detroit and makes a great sandwich. An advantage of Z'man's is that if you get hooked on the stuff they'll ship it to you. List of stores and mail-order link here:


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              If you are in Troy and want to try Zingerman's they sell if fresh daily at Nino Salvaggio's. It's on the corner of Rochester Rd. and South Blvd. If you tell them they will order enough for you for the next day. Otherwise, on the weekend, get there by early afternoon as they see our of Zing's bread early.