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Sep 4, 2008 12:27 PM

What Dish Is Your State Famous For, i.e., What Was Invented There?

I was reading the New Mexico thread about Huevos Rancheros and started wondering which dishes originated in my home state of California. I know that Cobb Salad was supposed to have been invented at the Brown Derby (or something like that) in Hollywood, but that Caesar Salad was supposed to have been invented just south of the Califa border in Tijuana.

I was trying to think of other dishes but couldn't come up with any. So what dish(es) originated in Oklahoma or Montana or New Jersey?

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    1. The particular variant of a crab salad called crab louis was supposedly concocted in San Francisco (though some say Portland). Cioppino is also identified with S.F. though it's obviously based on Mediterrean dishes.

      Also, several creole and Cajun recipes.

      1. Hot Fudge Sundaes ~~ CCBrown
        Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas ~~ Balboa Island
        French Dip Sandwich ~~ Phillippe's
        Green Goddess Dressing ~~ Palace Hotel

        1. Hangtown fry was invented, according to myth, in Hangtown, California (now Placerville). And some claim the Martini was invented in Martinez, California.

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            Since the "Martini" was named for the Martini and Rossi vermouth used in the original cocktail, I suspect this claim is more based in local boosterism than fact.

            1. re: KevinB

              I thought the consensus was that the drink was derived from the Martinez cocktail.

          2. I beleive chile was invented in San Antonio Texas.

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              I thought it was borrowed from the natives after the Pueblo Revolt in 1580 in Sante Fe, New Mexico! How about New Mexican (stuffed) soppapilla?
              "Anaheim" chiles from New Mexico?