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Sep 4, 2008 12:15 PM

Eastern Pier Closed?

Can anyone confirm the rumor that Eastern Pier in the Seaport District closed over the weekend? If so, is it permanent?

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  1. God, I hope not. Eastern Pier is one of maybe 3 or 4 restaurants I go to on a regular basis.

    I just called both of their numbers to check and they were both out of service. Not a good sign!

    1. Word is that the Cronin Group is turning it into a Beer Garden.

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      1. re: michela

        Yes, this is indeed the case. I did a bit of research early this morning and I found this article.

        I can't say I'm happy about yet another upscale watering hole coming to Boston, especially one that is taking the place of one of my favorite restaurants, but c'est la vie, I guess....

        1. re: hiddenboston

          This from the guy behind Boston Beer Garden and the Playwright in Southie, Brighton Beer Garden, and Sanctuary and Market downtown. Not dining destinations, exactly.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            aw crap.

            The beer garden places are okay for having a drink with friends, but their food is an afterthought...not horrible, but eh. We don't need another one of those so close to Broadway but I do understand the value of that location. I think what did the Eastern Pier in was their lack of parking. Beer Garden wouldnt' need so much parking if they're catering to the hotel crowd, concert-goers, and the folks staggering off the Booze Cruises in search of more alcohol.

            1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

              One reason I'm sad about this is the fact that there are so few low-key, casual places to go in Boston that have both good food and outdoor dining on the water. In fact, this may have been the last place like this, since the Seaport Bar and Grille is a bit too loud and crazy, depending on when you go, and Joe's and The Sail Loft don't seem to cut it as far as the food is concerned.

              Am I missing any others within the Boston city limits? Maybe Venezia in Dorchester? Are there any along the water in East Boston?

              1. re: hiddenboston

                Unfortunately Eastie's got prime harborfront real estate but no restaurants on it. It's bizarre, really, and seems like a business opportunity waiting to be seized.

      2. Tragic loss - best ever Szechuan String Beans. Does anyone know if they were affiliated with any other restaurant, and/or where they may relocate?

        1. I thought they were originally affiliated with Chau Chow and wonder if this is related to their closing? It's a loss: their seafood and their location were wonderful.

          1. I also enjoyed Eastern Pier for it location, decent food and great patio. One place that is not mentioned too often in this room is the Daily Catch in the Court House at Fan Pier. For years, it been serving very good food with one of the best views of the city. It's reasonable, and usually friendly.

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            1. re: ghostcat

              I've seen Daily Catch at Fan Pier get mentioned several times here. Gets crapped on in every single post about it too, although I personally have not had a bad experience there.