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Sep 4, 2008 11:53 AM

What's the word on Kouzina Estiatorio in Dedham?

Hi all,

Greek food is one of my favorites, and I'm usually disappointed when I look for a Greek restaurant locally, because they mostly seem to be pizzerias or diners that serve some Greek dishes...not what I'm really interested in. I did look at the LONG thread about Greek cuisine, that's about a year old or so, and one of these days I'll make the trek to Ipswich to try Ithaki.

However, I saw in yesterday's Boston Globe, a review for a place I hadn't heard of yet, Kouzina Estiatorio, in Dedham Square. I did a search here first, but came up empty on any mention of it.

It's not terribly far from me, but not exactly on my usual path either, so it's a "special trip" type of place. Has anyone eaten there? Is it an actual restaurant, or the usual take out with a few tables kind of place? Is the food worth a special trip for?


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  1. Well, the item you saw in the Globe says it has 20 seats total, which certainly sounds like "the usual take out with a few tables kind of place."

    1. No news, but wanted to confirm that there appears to be no connection to the lovely Greek restaurant in Waban (Newton) also named Kouzina - which could not be more different. We love Kouzina and its take on classic Greek as well as its Greek-influenced Mediterranean dishes. Very consistently pleasing, just doing its thing quietly over there near the T station. No hard tomatoes and styrofoam containers (except for doggie bag purposes perhaps).

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        Another huge fan of Kouzina in Waban. It's everything a perfect "neighborhood" restaurant should be - interesting & well prepared food, good service & reasonable prices. The one good thing that might come out of our current economic downturn - places like Kouzina will prosper & thrive because they're delivering value for your dining dollars.

      2. And they're, apparently, byob with a nearby liquor store.

        1. It's a small place -- more like the usual take out with a few tables instead of a real sit-down table service restaraunt. But, it is nicely decorated and does not sell pizza. It is not the usual Greek pizza/sub shop.

          I have only been in there for lunch -- a Greek salad, which was good, but I'm sure not authentic Greek.

          The people who run/own it seem nice and seem to be Greek.

          It does not have a liquor license.

          1. The photo says a lot, given that it features a plastic take-out container with a typical take-out Greek salad (hard tomatoes, iceberg, pickled peppers from a jar).