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Sep 4, 2008 11:03 AM

Squab and Goose in Seattle?

Hiya all

I am looking to source about 6 squab and a goose - preferably naturally, properly raised birds. Anyone have any ideas where to get these locally?



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  1. Hi Matt .. you should have luck at University Seafood & Poultry ... another route is to try one of the meat & poultry guys at the farmers markets, they may have some good local sources

    1. Hi Matt,

      If you live near downtown, you can always go to Don and Joe's Meats in the market ( They typically carry goose and squab, though you can call ahead to ensure they'll have the items available for you. Apparently they're sourced from a purveyor in Oregon. You can read about them here:

      1. WOW.. 14bucks for a pigeon. That is just crazy. One farm I called suggested I go down there and shoot a few. That is sounding like a good option, since I need at least 6 of them.

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          and your goose will run about $65...i saw fresh squab for $8 each a few weeks ago at ranch99 market in kent but they did not have them at the location in lynnwood

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            Please forgive me if you already knew, that squab is a young flightless pigeon. I've heard of restaurants in Los Angeles that would pay people to "harvest" them from nesting sites- such as bridge overpasses. Not sure if mature pigeons would work as a substitute.