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Sep 4, 2008 10:36 AM

Kaya's Fusion Cuisine

Has anyone gone to thisa place yet I hear good things and it uses all local ingredients.

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  1. Is it new? Their definition of 'local' seems pretty different from mine, I don't see how an avocado is local to Havertown..

    1. I have been a few times. Their black bean dip is very tasty, but you can also get it at Mad Mex.

      1. We had a very, very uninspired meal there about 2 weeks ago. My biggest pet peeve is when restaurants are out of dishes listed on the menu. I'm not talking about when I take a 9:30 reservation on a saturday night... I expect that if a restaurant orders fresh daily they may be out of some things at the end of a busy night. I'm talking about a 7:00 reservation on a tuesday. They have 7 apps. When we sat down they were out of 5... literally, they were out of more than they had... and also, they were out of a few entrees. On a very limited menu, it makes for extremely limited choices. By the way, one thing they were out of was hummus. Is it to much trouble to go 4 blocks to the Head Nut and buy some chick peas and tahinni? I feel when a restaurant is out of so many things on a slow day it's a sign of a lazy and poorly organized kitchen or that they don't have enough money to order what they need. In either case, I don't really know if I want to eat there. As for the food: I settled on a crab bisque which was as thick as wall paper paste and loaded with shells. So many in fact that when the server came to take my plate away she commented on all the shells and went back to the kitchen and complained to the chef/cook. I only know this because we heard her from our table (we were the only ones in the restaurant). She came back and said, "Yeah, when I ate some of the soup eariler I had a lot of shells too... we have a new guy working in the kitchen and he must not know how to wash the crabmeat." For entrees, we had the crab cake entree and a duck breast entree. Both tasted good, and the duck was cooked med. rare the way I ordered it. The only thing I didn't like was apparently someone in the kitchen has discovered the joy of squeeze bottles. Both dishes were blanketed with multi-colored squiggles all over the plate, out to the rim. It looked like the circus was in town and a clown decorated the plates. Neither one of us could even eat our food without getting sauce on our hands and wrists... The meal simply lacked anything close to finesse. The last thing that annoyed us was that they charge a $3.00 corkage fee. I don't mind a corkage fee if the restaurant has nice stem wear. The Orchard charges $5.00 a bottle, Sola charges $2.00 a bottle, but both have high end glasses for red and white wine and swap them out for you. Kaya's only has one generic wine glass. I object to a corkage fee under those circumstances.

        1. We ate here last night, it was a fantastic meal. The caesar salad was basic but very good; the crabcakes were tender and delicious with a nice breading; the special was bison short ribs on garlic mashed potatoes--the meat was so tender and flavorful, a steak knife was provided but hardly needed, the meat just fell off the bones. It was so delicious! The quality of the cuisine easily met that of some of our favorite restaurants in the city--Caribou or Horizons, for example. Well worth the trip to Havertown! And further, Head Nut is a good deal further than 4 blocks away, probably closer to a half mile, and alas they were again short of hummus last night, but that was the only thing missing from the menu; and the service we received would have been well worth a $3 corkage fee, if we had thought to bring a bottle, which we will definitely do next time! As for local ingredients, the bison was purchased from the farmer's market up the street, and I regularly see the chef shopping when I'm at that market. And personally, I appreciate the fact that they're not puritanical about local ingredients--they do use some, but if guacamole is the flavor he's after, then I'm certainly not one to object. We greatly enjoyed our experience here and highly recommend it; we will be returning soon, I'm sure!

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            There is a restaurant called Kaya in Pittsburgh, but this is definitely not the restaurant that everyone (with the exception of Tuesday24) is reviewing on this thread!

            BTW, the Kaya in Pittsburgh is on darn excellent restaurant.

          2. Ate there on Saturday. Service was really very friendly and attentive without being overbearing. Appetizer of langostina wasn't great but the Hawaiian shrimp should have been the main attraction as they were sweet in flavor, fresh tasting, and fun to eat! My wife got the duck and I got the NZ venison which was really really good. All in all we were so surprised to have a more than decent BYOB in Havertown. The decor is funky but Htown needs some funkiness in my opinion. The room is small and dark and loud but that wasn't an issue. They should play music to cover the noise in the kitchen would be my only suggestion as its already a loud space. And oh yeah when we mentioned the langostina wasn't too keen they brought us a sampler of their calamari which was some of the best I have ever had so high remarks for the server and for the squid!