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Sep 4, 2008 10:34 AM

Donut man pre or post County I insane?

Pretty much the only time I go by Donut Man would be on my way to teh Fair. I am going to fair-ate later this month. Would it be silly to go after or before? I mean, think of it, fair food and donut man...or doe DOnut Man trump fair food?

IF the peach are icky and hard still, what should I get instead?

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  1. I meant to chime in on the other recent Donut Man thread regarding the peaches. I went out there two weeks, ate the peach donut, and found it luscious. The fruit was ripe, sweet, and wonderful.

    I don't know if I could was down fair food, with donuts, though...

    1. Honestly, just stick w/fair food. I like Donut Man, but how often do you get the opportunity to enjoy freshly prepared churros, not preformed sticks kept under a heat lamp? Fresh churros trump donuts IMHO. Hit up Donut Man another time; don't forgo the once-a-year opportunity to just gorge yourself on fair foods!

      1. Diana, thank you for reminding me, I'm so making that stop on the way this year. I've been dying to try the fresh fruit donuts, but just can't justify the price of gas, for a donut. A few minute detour on the way to the fair, perfect.

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          I'm no donut connoisseur, but WOW does this place make great donuts, almost like a whole other class of donuts. We stopped on our way to the Fair, and I had the fresh peach. The peaches were on the more firm side (which is ok by me), and I loved that they were only very lightly glazed, great fresh peach taste. And the donut itself was yeasty and delicious (as touted here). Thank god I don't live near DM. My aunt went for the lemon filled, and loved it. We decided to stop by on our way home from the fair as well... yay, donuts for breakfast! The tigar tail and chocolate bar -- wow, these things are huge, and just delicious -- I really love that the donut itself isn't too sweet, I generally think of donuts as too darn sugary sweet, and don't go out of my way for one. Did I mention how glad I am that I don't live near DM. It was near midnight, and there was a line. If you're going to the Fair, you're right around the corner, you gotta stop.

          1. re: debra

            I was there at about 11:00 last night - post fair! The peaches were great - as were the others I couldn't resist!

        2. As I said in a recent post, the peaches have ripened to the greatest extent allowed by law. ;-)

          I highly recommend a quick swing by DM either to or from the fair. Be sure to ask, "What's fresh?"