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Sep 4, 2008 10:25 AM

Check Please, Miami

Have you guys been catching this show? I've seen a few pieces here and there and found none of it very good. I am a big fan of Michelle Bernstein and hate to see her navigating for the most part lackluster conversations on restaurants. The last piece I caught was on Versailles and the person who recommended it said it was "Cuban, but with a French twist". Just because you have a Chicken Cordon Bleu on your menu does not give it a French twist. That being said, Ms. Bernstein's face was priceless when the gentleman uttered those words. Still, there seems to be an overall lack of sophistication and energy from the bits I have seen. Is this the case or have I simply been unlucky in what I've seen?

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  1. I think your first instinct is correct. It's a pretty awful show!

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      The original show in Chicago with Amanda Puck (?) was great. Hopefully this one will improve over time. I have to say that I have enjoyed the bits I have watched over the web. It's true, though, the show is only as good as the guests.

      1. re: CFishman

        I had heard that the Chicago show was incredibly successful. I know good dining in Miami can be trickier but there must be some foodies out there. Hopefully it does survive long enough to become a showcase of new restaurants in the area.

    2. I like her a lot too, but that thing is painful to watch.

      1. i've seen the show in chicago and loved it and i hope pbs keeps the show however amatureous it appears.That is part of the charm for me.Since i'm originally from philly,i almost fell of my chair in laughter when one woman reviewer complained that a cheesteak shop had no "atmosphere" and felt like it was in a 1950's timewarp with formica furniture etc.Got to give it to south floridians expecting "South Beach chic" at a cheesteak shop! I actually schlepped up to hollywood just to try the shop and found out that the cheesteak tasted good even with all the formica!