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Sep 4, 2008 10:13 AM

New to Auburn, MA

Howdy 'Hounds,

I'm a recent transplant to Auburn, MA. DH and I feel like we're in chain city! Can anyone recommend anything (and I mean anything) good in the general area (although not Worcester, as I already know it pretty well).

We're vegetarians, but can usually find something good anywhere. All price levels encouraged. We love all ethnicities of food.


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  1. I feel your pain. A large portion of my family grew up in, and still live in Auburn. My mother recently moved back there from Boston to be closer to her family. She has been having a very difficult time finding good places to eat. One place she and her boyfriend often frequent is a place called Oxford's in, you guessed it, Oxford. It's nothing special, but the food is good and the staff and owners are friendly.

    1. I have not dined in Auburn for eons since really there are no decent dining choices IMHO. Since you know Wormtown so well, it might make sense driving the 10 min. to a plethora of choices. Best of luck.

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        I totally get that. I was just wondering if there was anything decent in the area (not necessarily Auburn) other than Worcester. :)

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          I haven't been in a while, and if there were a ton of choices in the area I wouldn't even recommend it, but Blackstone Nat'l Golf Club in Sutton. Check the 'pub menu' on their website....,... not terribly veg-friendly but a few salads, pasta primavera, etc. Nice setting.

      2. If you're up for driving to Shrewsbury, I can strongly recommend Udupi:

        This is a "pure veg" South Indian restaurant with a few North Indian dishes as well. Their rasam is fiery (though not as much as my own!) and their dosai are great. If you order the Mysore Royal Thali you'll be overwhelmed between the rasam, deep fried appetizers, and then a wonderful assortment of dal, curd, rice, avial, etc.....If you are Anglo/Euro or other non-South Asian you will be one of around 10% of the dining population there, which I think speaks volumes.

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          This is exactly what I'm talking about. Thanks!