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Sep 4, 2008 09:43 AM

Reservations - How far in advance?

I just called Spring and discovered they are booked for the entire month of December. Wow. I realize this is not the norm (except for maybe L' Astrance). That said, I would like to avoid further culinary disappointment. How far in advance should I call restaurants like La RĂ©galade or Chez l'Ami Jean? We will be in Paris from 27 December to 5 January.

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  1. I was in Paris for eight days in early July, and the trip had been put together on fairly short notice. For my two blowout meals I chose Taillevent and Alain Ducasse, and for both places I emailed, told them the dates of my stay, and asked for a table - lunch or dinner - anywhere in the window. In both cases they sent very prompt and very cordial replies, and I ended up with dinner at Taillevent and lunch at Ducasse.
    When there are concerns about popular places, it seems from my limited experience that kindness goes a long way.
    I hope that helps you a little.

    1. it wouldnt hurt to call now - esp since many places are closed, or have more limited openings, bet christmas and ny

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