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Sep 4, 2008 08:32 AM

Restaurant Recs for Venetian, Wynn, Palazzo, Las Vegas

I would really appreciate restaurant recs for a group of 8 for my upcoming trip to LV. We are staying at Venetian and want to focus on the restaurants there and at Wynn and Palazzo. I'm very interested in trying Cut and B &B. Not so interested in Bouchon or Delmonico's. We aren't interested in long tasting menus. Just want a killer rec on a great steakhouse, Japanese, or fun restaurant to start the night off right.

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  1. I really like Cut and it has received many positive reviews on this board. A few have reported the steaks being over salted but this was not my experience. I feel it blends a fine dinning restaurant with steak house perfectly. To date the two best steaks I've had have been at Cut in LV and Cowboy Star in San Diego. Can't recommend it enough.

    As far as other restaurants in the hotels you mentioned, Okada at the Wynn has great sushi and Japanese food or if you want a more Club/Hip environment try Tao at the Venetian.

    I like B&B but now we just go to the bar and have a bottle of wine and their lamb's tongue salad.

    Have fun.

    1. WE had an amazing, dressy casual dinner at Enoteca San Marco with several wine tastings. Will definitely return. Pork shoulder melted in your mouth!

      1. Avoid B&B, especially if you have ever dined at any of the NYC restaurants.

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          "Avoid B&B, especially if you have ever dined at any of the NYC restaurants."
          Perhaps you could be a little more specific?

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            B&B, IMO, lacks any real identity and does not have the feel or quality associated w/any of the Batali restaurants in NYC. It is sterile, loud and pricey. I do not mind paying for good food but I have found the 2 times I visited to be totally under whelmed. Comparing B&B to Babbo is a mistake at present given the lack of consistency @ B&B. At some point it may reach the level of excellence of Babbo, but for the price and lack of quality it will be a long tome before we return.

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              Having dinned at Babbo half a dozen times I agree B&B is not in the same league and in fact I think Enteco San Marco is more consistent and a much better meal for the money.

              They do execute a few dishes consistently well IMO the Lambs tongue salad and the sweet potato lune which is why we now order at the bar and treat these as pre dinner snacks for other restaurants.

              That being said I disagree the "Avoid" B & B at all cost attitude. As well as the Loud reference. Its not Joel Rubicon at the mansion but neither is it a bar with a live band in terms of noise level.

              Is B & B on the same level as Babbo,no (Babbo is probably one of the top 25 restaurants in the U.S.) Is it a horrible restaurant, no.

              I was't even really recommending it - but I don't think if someone is interested in dinning there and does thier research it needs to be avoided either.

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                Thanks to all for the feedback on B & B. I also have high expectations for Mario and maybe that is one of his challenges.

        2. We just had dinner at Daniel Boulod (sp?) at the Wynn last night. A glorious outdoor seating venue on the "Lake of Dreams". They have a prix fixe menu at about $50. We had special Restaurant Week menu items, which are also available on the regular menu. I had a cold corn chowder that was bursting with flavor, my friend had the lobster salad and raved. For our entrees, I had a duck leg confit that was *perfect*. She had a Thai fish dish. Sorbets for dessert were fabulous...she had a tropical dessert assortment that had a couple forgettable items.

          All in all, a wonderful experience. With oysters to start, martinis, a bottle of wine and dessert wines it was $100 each before tip, but if you didn't tack on all the extras, you could get away for less. They have a prix fixe menu every night for $50 for three courses and the chicken is awesome (had it on my one other outing there -- it's everything chicken should be!).

          This is a beautiful time of year to sit outdoors and they do some fun (albeit slightly hokey IMHO) shows on the lake.

          Have fun!

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            delmonicos i feel isnt that great. there are better steakhouse in vegas for sure. bouchon is excellent its a place i would go to very often if it was close to where i live. for steak i like craftsteak since its in MGM and you can always go to the clubs or lounges in MGM afterwards.