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Sep 4, 2008 08:32 AM

Napa Valley Taco Trucks

My work takes me from Los Angeles, up into the Napa Valley for the entire month of October and I know there are quite a few Taco Trucks that run up and down the valley. I was wondering whether anybody has had the time to find any diamonds in the "carne asada" ruff amongst them. If not, what about any standout taqueria style eateries or mexican in general?

Coming from LA, we're a bit spoiled by the sheer numbers of quality mobile and stationary taco joints.

I know someone out there is as obsessive as I about their Tacos.


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  1. This is a really good situation for using "places" -- a search of "Napa taco truck" turned up three places listings (which include threads that link or mention them) and 170 topics.

    1. My favorite is the Herradura truck parked next to Kragen Auto Parts on Jefferson @Lincoln. It's all about the Al Pastor there. Taqueria Tres Hermanos on 1st. St. downtown is also a killer hole-in-the wall taco shop, try their Carnitas. La Luna Market in Rutherford might have the best burritos in the valley.

      1. Speaking of someone who is obsessive about tacos:

        1. If we're strictly talking trucks: Tacos Garcia (Chevron parking lot @ Salvador/Hwy 29) has a delicious carnitas burrito -- request it with a couple sides of their guacamole salsa.

          1. I think the Michoacan trucks are excellent.
            If you want to drive a bit, the Dos Hermanos truck in Vallejo is sublime.

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              I like the Michoacan trucks as well, although the Garcia's truck has replaced the Michoacan truck at Salvador and Hwy 29. I've also visited the brick-and-morter Michoacan restaurant in Napa, which is relatively new. It was pretty bland, and somehow not up to par with their trucks.