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Sep 4, 2008 08:16 AM

Lunch suggestions please!

Glory be - Mike and I are back in town on a project. As we say in California: "totally awesome!" which means essentially "what a fortunate turn of events." First stop - the local chow board.

We will need some spectacular ethnic hole-in-the-wall late evening dining recos sooner than later - but the immediate need is for lunch ideas near where we're working, which is the Brill Building at 49th & Broadway. Our faves from previous trips: Ta'am Tov and Azuri Cafe which is a brisk walk from here.

What about all those places on 9th Ave.? Any specific suggestions for a tasty, maybe even unusual lunch? Would be a bonus if it is doable on an hour lunch break. Any trucks nearby? Notable sandwiches? Paella on a stick?

Glad to be back!


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  1. Kyotofu is well worth a look, we love that place. The website doesn't do their menu justice, you need to stop in and look for yourself. It's right on 9th bewtween 48/49.

    1. You're right by Tuck Shop (inside the Cyber Cafe), a Jamaican Dutchy Cart, Daisy May's BBQ Cart, a Sapporo (ramen). That is just within 2-3 blocks. For more, check out Midtown Lunch at -- it's a guy who refuses to spend too much money on take out or casual lunch during his lunch break, and he's tirelessly documented places to grab a decent bite to eat.

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        Thanks to you both - we wasted no time and ran across the street for a couple of meat pies at the Tuck SHop. Delish!! Wandered over to Kyotufo - looks good but they were a little busy. Love how this whole chowhound thing works - maybe it'll catch on!

      2. my favorite is currently indus express on 48th between 5th and 6th for chaat. chicken, aloo tikka, and samosa chaat are all great.. as are papri chaat, bhel poori ... ah, i just named everything on that part of the menu. :)

        they also have fresh-made tandoori breads. you can watch them make them on long poles by the second register near the back.

        1. what's the pakistani place on 9th ave in the upper 30's? I can't remember what it's called or where it is exactly. definitely fits into the "ethnic hole-in-the-wall" category, and serves up some decent curries