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Sep 4, 2008 08:10 AM

Edelweiss Village-Calgary

I was just at Edelweiss Village buying a spaetzle maker and saw that they also serve lunch. Is it worth going or are there other places that are better bets (I'd love to try Weiner Schnitzel House but I don't think they're open for lunch on weekdays)? Thanks!

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  1. The lunch is pretty good, it's mostly homemade and pretty rustic.

    1. Depends what their special is but I like it. The frikadelle is good as is the red cabbage.

      1. funny I was just suggesting we go their this weekend...I know it gets busy and I have always been curious about that place.

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          Just thought that I'd mention that they are closed on Sundays. As slingshotz said the food is pretty good and definitely rustic.