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Sep 4, 2008 07:51 AM

Visiting NYC..need some minor suggestions....

Hey everyone, I am a new poster here but have been searching the boards for quite some time now. I love this site! Anyway I have been to NYC many, many times with my family but this trip will be the first that my girlfriend and I are enjoying together. We are arriving in NYC Monday Sept. 15th in the A.M. and departing Wednesday the 17th in the P.M.

Anyway I have planned out most of the trip thanks to this site and just need a few minor suggestions for some good eats. So you know we aren't picky eaters, I will try anything at least once and she would do it if I did it haha.

Monday the 15th:
I am looking for a place for breakfast to eat near Rockefeller Center. After dropping our bags off at the hotel (48th and 8th) the girlfriend wants to go there and maybe take a tour. I was considering Rock Center Cafe but am not 100% on that. Any suggestions on a breakfast place that is either near by or on the path of our walk from our hotel?

I'm also looking to finalize a late lunch/early dinner place. We're attending the Yankee game that night. I have Carnegie Deli on my list before we jump on the subway to get to the stadium. Sound like a good idea? Any place near the stadium in the Bronx we "MUST" try out? Also any food in Yankee stadium that is a must?

Tuesday the 16th:
We are going to the MNH and then Central Park. We both want Dirty water dogs and feel that lunch would be a good time to enjoy one. Any recommendations near Central park? We're trying to have a light lunch because we're having a big dinner at Marchi's that night.

Wednesday the 17th:
Mainly doing a lot of downtown touristy stuff. We're hitting up John's Pizzeria on Bleecker street for lunch and she is thinking she wants Sushi for dinner possibly. How is Sushi Sen-nin near the ESB? Any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions. This site is a great source of info!

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  1. Warning--John's Pizzeria on Bleecker is not great.
    Here would be a different breakfast choice for Monday morning near your hotel, Tulcingo Del Valle on 10th ave and 47th. It's a hole in the wall but really good and so they say authentic Mexican place. Try the Cheese Chilaquiles with green sauce.
    What about Sushi Yasuda on East 43 between 3rd and lex for dinner wed? Easy walk back to your hotel afterwards but before you go try the black cow milkshakes at Good Burger (2nd ave and 43rd). They are really really good.

    1. Breakfast
      db Bistro Moderne
      55 w 44th st (btwn 5th & 6th)

      Rue 57
      60 w. 57th st. (@ 6th ave)

      Norma's118 w 57th st (btwn 6th & 7th)

      I would go to Carnegie..Worth trying once...Try a carl's steak at yankee stadium...Other than that it's your typical stuff...

      Dirty Water dogs...If that's what you really want...
      You will find a hundred places by central park. They're all the same. For a better dog, get one at Yankee Stadium or Crif dogs.
      113 Saint Marks Pl,
      Btwn Ave A & 1st Ave

      John's is cool. Otto is an option as well for pizza and pasta.

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        I'd do db bistro moderne over Norma's. The peanut butter and chocolate waffle I had was too sticky-sweet. The chocolate was fine but the peanut butter gave me a toothache. My fiance's crab and asparagus omelet had rubbery, overcooked crab. My future in-law's French toast was also too sweet. The coffee was expensive, and although you got free refills, it was pretty bad coffee. Future father in law actually let his cup go to waste rather than finish drinking it! It's sad because the service and atmosphere is great, but the inflated prices don't match up to the quality of the dishes. Each time I think "maybe this time Norma's will be good," shame on me, I suppose.

      2. I'd skip out on the dirty water dog, and walk over to amsterdam/broadway and 72nd and grab some Gray's Papaya. Much better dog, you can get dirty water dogs anywhere in the city/ country, but Gray's and the like are much more unique.
        Not much up by Yankee Stadium, grab some deli sandwiches at Carnegie, or head over to 2nd ave deli.

        1. Sounds good so far!

          I think the Gray's Papaya has made my list! Thanks UWS. We'll probably go there after the Museum and before the Park.

          Tulcingo Del Valle sounds interesting and I am adding it to my list, thats Abud.

          Keep the suggestions coming everyone! I am writing down my itinerary this weekend.

          1. For breakfast at Rock Center, go to the concourse level below ground (accessible by 2 elevators flanking the rink/outdoor cafe) to Cucina & Co. They have excellent baked good and coffee to go, the restaurant is not open for breakfast, as well as eggs and other breakfast items. Right outside Cucina, but still inside the concourse, there are nice, clean tables with a view of the rink or cafe, depending on the season. Clean rest rooms nearby. A lovely, reasonable way to have a quick breakfast.