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Sep 4, 2008 07:35 AM

Best Cake Donuts in Toronto?

I'm looking for the best cake donut in Toronto. Not the flavourless airy yeast donuts that derive what taste they have from the icing, but small dense round cake donuts, crispy fried light brown crust and yellow not too sweet insides. Plain or sugared or maybe a little chocolate icing top. Not sour cream/sour cream glazed. Not Tim Horton's. If anyone is familiar with the Donut Machine donuts in Halifax or the (R.I.P) Homestead Donut shop in the Truro Mall or the highway between Truro and Pictou- that is what I'm talking about. Thoughts?

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  1. Hey elang....there is an amazing place in the town of Tyrone Mills, which is just north of Oshawa.

    The address is 2656 Concession Road #7, Bowmanville
    Telephone: (905) 263-8871

    Its a old flour mill that has a food store with bread donuts and ice cream (all of which is great)..

    I love the place, the donuts are served warm crispy on the outside and warm and moist inside.

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      I used to get these a little too often when I lived in Bowmanville. I always called them apple cider donuts - I could swear that's how they're referred to there. I think you can get them plain or rolled in some sugar/cinnamon mix. Rats - now I have to make a trip!

      Pick up some apple cider when you're there - or wait and go during apple season when they're making it on site. They use plastic snow shovels to scoop the locally grown apples into large cider presses, driven by the mill pond I think.

      Old but still relevant article (with reference to doughnuts) here:

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        Combine with an apple-picking and wine-tasting trip to:

        This suggestion is not mine but from a previous thread on apple-picking that mentionned the mill. I can vouch for the apple part and hope to hit the mill too this year.