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Recipes for the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine?

My husband just won a George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine at a raffle. Last night I made andouille quesadillas, which came out good, nice and crispy, oozing with cheese. The cheese spilled onto the grill, but clean up was a snap! A friend told me when in college she would use a Foreman grill for leftover pizza. She folded the slice and placed it on the grill. I'm going to try that too. Any other innovative recipe ideas?

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  1. Congratulations to your husband! I don't have any exact recipes; we use our GF grill for elaborate grilled cheese sandwiches and panini of every conceivable combination. Didn't have much luck with grilling fish or meat so we stick to what works best for us. Have fun experimenting.

    1. I've sliced eggplant and zucchini basted with EVOO w/garlic powder salted and grilled with good results....

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        Yum- eggplant is the best on the grill- sliced thick. Asparagus. Portabella mushrooms.

        My favorite is to use good sized boneless skinnless chix, seasoned with salt and pepper and a little oil only- the trick is afterward it is done, putting in a bowl with your choice of dressing/glaze over the top and wrapping in saran wrap- while letting it rest- gather greens in a bowl and dress accordingly- chop chicken -mix -season enjoy. Crunchy bread mixed in there is a plus.

        I use mine on top of my stove- that has been covered with newspaper. Turn the fan on, and I am ready to go.

        I have, but haven't used recently- a GF Roaster- that holds a med sized whole chicken, or a tri tip. Once did a turkey breast in it. It cooks chicken perfectly, better than the local grocery deli.

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          Do these generate a lot of smoke? I have one I haven't used yet. Bought for quick sandwiches and things when it's really hot to avoid heating things up. Do I need to worrry about the smoke thing?

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            It is not so much the smoke I am putting I under fan for, its any aroma I guess. And, with limited space in my kitchen, it keeps my counter free while I am cooking on the GFG.

            The only thing I ever worry about is run-off, and I have 2 trays to catch the juices, so I just inerchange them. Hence the newpaper.

      2. Hi Michele,

        The GF grill is great for a certain few things and I am quite fond of mine. It makes the best bacon I have ever tasted, and drains the grease out for easy saving in a jar (or disposal, if you are so inclined). It is easy to control the crispness/doneness level of the bacon to your liking and the top cover keeps the grease from spraying everywhere.

        Breakfast sausage patties also do very well. It's handy when cooking breakfast for a crowd and you already have a lot of pans on the stove.

        I also like grilling sandwiches on it and my favorite is open-faced cheddar and onion. Layer wheat bread, cheddar, and top with a big slice of red onion. Brush top of onion with olive oil or melted butter, sprinkle with salt and black pepper, then close the grill directly onto the onion. Let it go for about 1:00 and you will have a tender-crisp caramelized onion slice on top of melted cheddar and crusty bread.

        I don't think the Foreman is much good for lean meats like chicken breast or pork chops because it doesn't get hot enough to sear the outside quickly enough. To get any browning you have to leave the meat sitting there long enough to completely dry it out. It can make lean meat edible, but not good.

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          Hi Julienne and all,
          steaks and chicken came out fine for me.I need to know however if I am imagining things. I have no booklet and will look online. However does this machine shut off when the meat is done. I mean I see it happening and wonder how it knows. I have cooked hamburgers pork chops and hot dogs lol
          They were so good. I bought a brand new one in a thrift store for $3.99. I liked it so much and needed another one for the both of us. So I was at a store the other day that was next to another thrift shop. So I said why not. Go check. I went in and there it sat waiting for me. Another brand new one still in box, for $7.99. Can't beat it. However whoever donated them did not send along the directions. Anyway I need to know how it knows when the meat is done. It was scary yesterday with the pork. But when I used the thermometor it was done.

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            I don't think it's going to tell you when the meat is done. I think it would tell you when the heating element goes off.

        2. agree with veggies, especially onion rings and eggplant...

          turkey burgers, and all the meat incarnations...

          polenta rounds

          try fruit like pineapple rings, apple and pear slices, along with some cake slices for dessert

          1. I mention in another post I grilled a trout and it came out really nice. Last night I took some boiled potatoes left over from the other day, and a bit of olive oil and salt and grilled them up. I also did some skewered shrimp. They came out great too!

            1. My favorite is to marinate boneless chicken breasts in yogurt (preferably greek) with any indian spices. It is so fantastic! Also, someone on this board awhile ago suggested thick slices of eggplant dipped in egg and then parm cheese. OMG...it is just fantastic!

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                Do you the eggplant get tender without the cheese burning? About how thin do you need to go? I have an eggplant in the fridge waiting to try this out. Thanks!

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                  Don't peel the eggplant....just cut it into maybe 1/2 inch thick rounds. Dip it into a beaten egg. Spray some oil on the grill and get it really hot. Dip the rounds into coarsely grated parm cheese so it is completely covered...put on the grill for just a minute or so. The cheese will get crispy. The eggplant will be tender.

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                    I didn't have time to come back to read this, so what I did was chopped some garlic, fresh basil, and a tad of fresh mint + evo into my mini processor, sliced the eggplant, and marinated it then grilled it. The trick is next time I have to cut the eggplant a bit thicker, so both sides cook. I cut it too thin, and ended up flipping it over. At least it was still very tasty. I'll keep the thickness in mind when I try your idea.

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                      Wow, just tried that - delicious! I mixed a little marjoram into the cheese too. Also good with zucchini instead of eggplant.

                2. Bamia asked in another section of the site how I grilled the trout on the GF. The trout was about 3/4 lb ea. It was gutted by the fish market, I also asked them to take the head tail and fins off for me. I was preparing 2 fish, so I cut them in half in order to fit onto the grill at one time. If you had 1 fish, you wouln't have to do this. I washed them, patted them dry. I blended smart balance (I prefer butter, but I'm watching my cholesterol), and EVO with some oregano, and a few squeezes of lemon juice. I rubbed this mixture inside and out of the fish. Heated the grill up, put the fish on, grilled until the fish cooked through, and the skin crisped up.

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                    Thank you Michele, I will try that for sure :) Love trout!! Sounds great!

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                      This is a great idea, I have to try it. Can you tell me how you cleaned the grill afterward? Every time I do fish on the Foreman, no matter how I scrub it the fish odor lingers for about a week.

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                        I have the "lean mean grilling machine" version. The grills pop out. I then wash in warm water with a soft sponge, and a bit of detergent. I didn't sniff them afterwards, but the next time I used it (for the eggplant) there was no fishy smell. Perhaps the smell is coming from somewhere the fish splattered that you can't see right off the bat. You may need to damp sponge the whole unit off.

                    2. I've used mine for bacon, and it worked wonderfully. I've also grilled all kinds of veggies and then put them on some good crusty bread with goat cheese...yum. Fruit grills up well on the GF, too. So far, I've done pineapple, peaches, plums, bananas and apples with good results.

                      1. Not exactly gourmet, but it's great for frozen pierogies. Just spray them with your favorite cooking spray, and let them go for about five minutes. They get nice and crispy on the outside without the added fat of deep frying.

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                            Great to know this. My daughter is bringing TJ's chicken potstickers for her lunch to school. I've been nuking them for 2 min. they come out good, but this would add another dimension to them. Thanks for that tip + all the others. Just curious, for I'd like to know more about the grilling of fruit. How do you use it? Do you need to add sugar, anything else?

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                              When I grill thr fruit, I usually just put it sliced right onto the grill, nothing added. I'm sure you could add some honey or sugar if you wanted, but I've usually found that just the grililng brings out some of the sweetness. The fruit carmelizes a bit, which added to the flavor even more.
                              I've heard of people using the grilled fruits to top ice cream. I just eat as is.

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                              I tried the trout and it was amazing, like you said the skin got all crisped and nice and tender inside. The whole fish wasn't available but I bought the whole side of the fish and folded it in half with spices and lemon slices in the middle and it was excellent.

                              Thanks for sharing :)

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                              Oh I never thought of that! I always cook ther pierogies in tons of butter and onions...

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                                You could probably do this with frozen blintzes too. I am so excited to try this!!

                              2. Pedestrian, but - when I make cheeseburgers, I cook the burger most of the way, then put a slice of cheese on top, and prop open the lid with a can of beans or whatnot. It lets the cheese melt without getting all over the grill top.

                                Grilled jumbo shrimp is pretty easy, and dressed with some garlic butter and lemon, very tasty!

                                1. Hi, When I cooked my burgers the other night I added feta cheese to the inside of the burger. I then tried another one with American cheese and they both were scrumptious.

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                                    This is all wonderful and a delight to know you all have used this product, but mine has a timer and grides that are removeable for cleaning. Now not once here is any times given for cooking this or that.

                                    So I will start, 1/3 to 1/4lb burgers, 5 minutes for a juciey burger, 8 minutes gets you a flat dry one. Fish fillets 3 to 4 minutes. Chicken breasts 10 minutes. Steaks its spread is 1/2 inch on the grill hieght, so nothing really bigger for an even grill of the meat, 1/2 inch steak 5 minutes for rare, medium its 7 to 8 min, well done easy, cream it at 14 minutes.

                                    My favorite is French Toast, careful it cooks quick and is done in 2 to 3 minutes tops.

                                    Everything I just said is done on a preheated GF Grill, Bon Apet

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                                      Thank you, lost my little book and now I can fix dinner, a nice grilled chicken breast.

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