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Sep 4, 2008 05:36 AM

The very worst croissant from ... yes ... a bakery?

A sudden urge came over me as i was munching on a "butter croissant" from Rosie's Bakery in South Station. This thing had butter, was flattened and rolled into the shape of a butter croissant, but .... you know ...a piece of bread with lots of butter .. rolled up. I have my own nickname for them - whats yours? And could you add a little story to your plight? Perhaps those bakers will actually look for a better recipe if we do the normal yankee thing of poking fun at them... hahaha

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  1. Though not a croissant story it sort of meets your criteria.

    I roll my eyes whenever I read of recommendations for La Provence (hope I got the name right) in Concord, across from the train station. I got a brioche there that was the most stale, tasteless piece of yuck ever! A package of twinkies would have tasted better.

    After the first bite, I took a second because I couldn't believe how bad the brioche was. I then looked at the counter person with a look of disbelief. They actually blushed, looked down and walked away.