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Sep 4, 2008 05:26 AM

Looking for up-to-the-minute Pick Your Own Reports...


I am planning on setting off tomorrow morning for some pick-my-own action. I picked blueberries a few weeks ago and was disappointed with how sour they were where I went - not sure if it was the farm or just a seasonal thing - but I'm hoping to avoid that tomorrow. Has anyone been pickin' in the past few days, or does anyone have a standby favorite that they definitely vouch for? I'll pick anything, though raspberries would be a highlight, as would figs. Coming from Somerville, willing to drive about an hour each way... Extra points awarded for being reasonably priced or having deals for bulk purchases...



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  1. Raspberries are out of season, and blueberries are just about gone now. The berries are at peak in early August. Apple and peach picking would be good bets right now. I am off to Carver Hill Farm today. Will report back on the quality.

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      Fall raspberries are actually just starting, so there's time for them still. The Big Apple in Wrentham has pick your own raspberries and blueberries, and of course, apples, but they're always so limited on the PYO apples. Also, Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon also has PYO still. I'd call ahead though and just flat out ask them if the berries are on the sweet side or not. I think that maybe your were bumping into a varietal problem, rather than a growing problem, but maybe not.

    2. I stand corrected. The Small Farm in Stow is doing self-pick raspberries this week. $4 a pint if you buy pre-picked. I got this by word-of-mouth so you might want to call before heading out there.

      1. I picked my own raspberries and blueberries at Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury very recently and think they probably still have raspberries, though their blueberries were looking a bit thin - still delicious though! We also got peaches which are fantastic as well as some sort of ripe apples. They could use another week though.

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          we went to cider hill farm last weekend; we got blueberries, raspberries, peaches and a handful of necatrines and apples. we only got a few apples--the gingergold variety. i thought these were totally spectacular. peaches & necatrines (didn't note variety) were plentiful. raspberries were just coming in, so this weekend would probably be a good weekend for them. blueberries were hard to find, but the ones we did find were small and super-sweet. but there was a blueberry patch close to the raspberries which we didn't discover until later which (as of last weekend) had loads of berries. the folks in the shop didn't mention this patch so i don't know if it was closed to picking or what.

          we are also in somerville and cider hill farms is about an hour or so.

        2. Smolak farms in North Andover is advertising PYO peaches, fall raspberries, tomatoes and apples. Got some peaches there last week ( did not do PYO), and they were good. MY SIL told me it is great to go with kids, too- they have a playground, some animals, a pond and an ice cream stand. Here is the link:

          1. When I went this time 2 years ago, blueberries and raspberries were available but definitely not at their best. Not sure if this is the end of their season, or the harvest that year. Apples are starting, but really don't come into their peak until end of the month to early-mid October, so I'd recommend holding off on apples unless you just want to have fun and the experience of picking apples. Some orchards will also start to have pears and I've always found those to be fantastic.