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Sep 4, 2008 04:58 AM

Asian Grocery near York Uni.

I just moved into the area near York University due to the fact that I now go to school there ,and I have no idea where any Asian grocery stores are located around the area.

If anyone know where the closest ones are please do tell.

thank you

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  1. I quite like T&T supermarket. Promenade Mall - Bathurst north of Steeles

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    1. If you find that one too far - there's one at Keele and Sheppard, but be forewarned that it's not as clean and varied as T&T. T&T is my first choice.

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      1. re: ndawg

        there is an asian market (last I checked a year ago) at jane and finch in the plaza on the southwest corner

      2. I like T&T but the location at Bathurst and Steels is not as great as the one on Warden & Steeles. I wish the one on Bathurst had a bigger range of cooked ready made food, I love their 5 item combos and their pig ear cold salad.