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Sep 4, 2008 04:56 AM

Washington St Newton

Am flying in from U.K. and staying couple of nights in Sheraton Newton Hotel, on Washington St. Not intending to eat in hotel - unless you know better - where is there within walking distance for lunch and dinner in the area.

Later will be in School St, Beacon Hill area,and any advice for eating around here would be welcome


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  1. Not much to choose from within walking distance of Sheraton; there is a pub across the street that many recommend for their buffalo wings, Buffs Pub; there is a decent Thai restaurant, Amarin of Thailand on Galen Street, very close; and there is a decent, not great, local italian chain, Bertucci's. If you want a very good meal, take a cab to Lumiere on Washington Street, West Newton, about 1 1/2 miles away, very good, New American. Near School Street in Boston is a very good Italian, Grotto, on Beacon Hill and on School Street is Ruth's Chris Steak House.

    1. Take a cab to the 'Green Tea" Sushi Bar in Newton Highlands, try their unbelievable "Matrix" Maki!

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        There is also some places in Newtonville which is less than a mile outbound on Washington st. Ariadne is slightly upscale, some Greek influence and good cocktails. I do like the grilled squid, hummus and olive appetizer a lot. It's only open for dinner, I think.

        For good time fun- go to Cabots on Washington St. and have ice cream for dinner. It's an old style, family run place that does a large take out and sit down business. They also have pretty good burgers (cheeseburger club sandwiches- yum), fries and I'm especially fond of the Belgium waffle sundae with strawberries and whipped cream. It's open until 10 or 11pm.

        Also on Washington St. in Newtonville- Lam's & Rice Valley.

        Rice Valley has pretty good lunch specials. They're not extremely authentic Chinese, but they use a lot of quality fresh vegetables in their food.

        Lam's is a combo of Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese. Mostly Thai. I do like the chicken larb and burmese noodle soup.

        Buff's Pub is right across the street from the hotel. It is one of the better places around to get buffalo chicken wings. How about a small order of wings and a beer- then a stroll down washington st to Cabots for an ice cream for a complete nutritious dinner?

        Amarin has lunch specials too and is very close to the hotel, as well (and is next door to Bertucci's- wood oven pizzas).

        A little farther down Galen St. (called Centre St in Newton) crosses the river and becomes Watertown Square. There you will find:

        Stellina- slightly upscale Italian- nice outdoor patio. Maybe only open at dinner.
        Mango-central american/caribbean food.
        Not your Average Joes- American comfort food (good meatloaf and chicken cutlets, lousy cocktails, but good beer)
        Demo's- Greek kabobs & salad- counter service
        Molana & Comfort on Spring St.- Persian food
        and a couple of Japanese places on Galen & Mt. Auburn
        New Yorker and Talk of the Town diners for breakfasts and sandwiches
        Also- Wild Willy's for pretty decent burgers, but inferior fries (order at counter kind of place, but cooked to order).

        So, as long as you don't mind walking 15-30 mins each way, there's a lot to choose from!

      2. fyi - buff's can get really packed between 6-9pm, especially if there's a sox game on tv. sometimes a whole softball team will drop in. it's more pub than restaurant, but it's fun and the wings are tasty.

        1. I will second the Amarin Thai recommendation. If you continue along Galen St. you will pass a decent Japanese/Sushi restauant: Ginza. Then if you cross the Charles River into Watertown Sq. you will find Stellina, a decent Italian Restauant, Not Your Average Joes's - a casual eating joint, Molana, a Persian Restaurant. Along Mt. Auburn St. are a number of small oriental restaurants as well as Demo's a Greek institution which has been around forever. Total walking distance from Sheraton to Watertown Sq. is approx. 1 mile.

          1. I live a block from the Sheraton and so am quite familiar with the area's dining options. Super Fusion, which is on Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown about a block outside of Watertown Square, has excellent sushi. If you want really good barbeque, go to Blue Ribbon BBQ in West Newton. It's about 2 miles from your hotel but well worth the walk or cab ride. The downside is that the seating is stools along the counter so don't plan to linger too long. You can also walk about 1 1/2 miles straight up Center St. to Newton Center where Tartufo has quite good Italian food.

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              Burton's Liquors, almost across from your hotel has a deli and makes pretty good sandwiches. Also, further up Washington (walkable) is Marty's Liquors which sells interesting foods and cheeses and also has a deli that makes sandwiches. Neither place has tables, so it would have to be takeou.

              There are also a few nodescript pizza/sub shops on the way down to Watertown Square.

              The suggestion to walk down to Watertown Square for more options is a good one. It is proably not quite a mile and not a bad walk at all.