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Sep 4, 2008 04:45 AM

English and Needy

Hello all,
Am coming to NY with girlfriend in tow at the end of October.
We arrive (very) late Wednesday and leave Sunday evening.

Meal plan so far:
Thursday dinner: Buddakan (to be booked a month in advance)
Friday dinner: River Cafe (booked)
Saturday dinner: ?
Sunday lunch: Was going to have a long lunch in Gordon Ramsay at the London (we're staying in the hotel, yes I am english & I know it's predictable!) before heading to JFK for the evening flight, but they don't do lunch on Sunday.

So the questions I have, if you could possibly help, are

1) What to do on Saturday night? We eat anything and though budget isn't necessarily an issue, places like Per Se are probably a little bit pushing it. We don't mind travelling around Manhattan, and we don't necessarily need to go anywhere smart, just somewhere with really good food and a bit of a buzz.

2) What to do for Sunday lunch? The hotel has recommended the Maze restaurant instead, but it seems to be a bit of a second fiddle to the main event of GR's. It is convenient however as we can leave our bags with the concierge whilst we eat.

Any help welcomed. From reading on ChowHound I quite like the sound of Degustation for Saturday night perhaps.

Many thanks.

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  1. Balthazar would be a good choice for Sunday brunch...very sceney and you arent really doing anything in the Soho/Village/etc regions.

    Sat. dinner --- if you like sushi, you might try one of our numerous options like Sushi Yasusa. Maybe Crispo in Chelsea for Italian. If you're up for more creative/unusual, try and book WD-50.

    1. I think Degustation would be an excellent choice for Saturday dinner. Be sure to get the 10-course tasting. For Sunday lunch, I really like Perry St., and you can't beat the $24 3-course prix-fixe.

      Other ideas for Saturday:

      Bar Blanc
      Allen and Delancey

      1. Degustation is a good idea (it is on my to eat list).

        My thoughts for the Saturday:
        Eleven Madison Park - having read about it here for a number of months I went last night and it was probably the best meal I have had in NY so far.
        Gramercy Tavern - also very good food and a nice setting.
        Peter Luger's if you are up for steak. It's a NY classic, although I personally prefer Keen's.

        Perry Street for a Sunday brunch/lunch. $24 for three (relatively small) courses. Not tons of food, but you may not feel like loads after having had a proper dinner the night before.

        Not sure I would bother about Maze - you can go there in London.

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          Thank you for the info. I think Degustation could be a winner for Saturday night. It doesn't appear to have a website itself although I've read about it from some other websites.

          Then perhaps Balthazar for lunch on Sunday - it was also recommended by a friend of mine who works with me in Moscow; he recommended a big plateau de fruits de mer type thing. Although I'm sure the produce is of the highest quality, I'm always slightly weary of eating seafood on a Sunday as it won't be absolutely 'that day' fresh and I do have to sit on a flight for 7 hours after. You catch my drift?!

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            Degustation does not have a website. The menu is on, if you would like to see what sort of dishes they serve, keeping in mind that the 5-course tasting is made up of dishes from the a la carte menu, but the 10-course is not.

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              For all of the places recommended above, book sooner (now, if possible), rather than later! Some restaurants mentioned are on but not all of them (Luger, Degustation, Balthazar).

              As for Balthazar, note that it will be serving from its brunch menu, not lunch, and it is extremely popular for brunch. Reservations are a must.

            2. re: sticham

              I'm going to be the voice of dissent on the Perry Street lunch menu. I went there a few months ago with a couple of friends and even though we all got different dishes, we all thought the food was VERY disappointing, even for the bargain of 24 dollars.