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Sep 4, 2008 04:25 AM

Need to pick 1 from list of 3 in theater district

After hours of searching the web I think I have a short list of 3 restaurants to pick from. I needed to find a restaurant for a loud group of 8-10, within walking distance from the theater district, preferably Italian food. This is what I came up with...

Tony's di Napoli
Trattoria Tre Colori

Am I way off? Which one should I go with?

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  1. i only know the UES tony di napoli, and it's a good place for a group, but the food is hardly gourmet. it is an old school red sauce italian. nothing is bad, but nothing is very memorable either

    1. I checked out Trattoria Tre Colori a few weeks ago, based on the strength of the Yelp reviews (5 stars from 12 reviewers). It was good, but was your standard red sauce on pasta Italian joint. Not only that, but the large-ish flat screens in the bar area, made the place feel like a pseudo trattoria cum sports bar.

      The food itself was standard, but competently executed. My carbonara had cream in it (authentic Italian recipes don't use cream) but the pasta was perfectly al dente.

      They should easily be able to accommodate a group of 8-10.

        1. look into Maria Pios its on 52nd street I belive small but call ahead they should be able to handle 8 people food is good prices are good and they also have prefixed menu if you are intrested. good luck

          1. if you're going off the list, i reccomed puttanesca