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Sep 4, 2008 12:52 AM

Any good bars near Delfina in San Francisco to stop at while we wait for a table?

The bf and I made reservations to Delfina (for the 10 PM slot) and were wondering if there are any good bars nearby to stop and grab a drink before heading over for a late dinner. Thanks!

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  1. 500 Club at 17th & Guerrero. Kinda divey but not scary-divey.

    1. Monk's Kettle. Great beer selection. I'm not sure what else they have.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        If you're going to Monk's Kettle, you might as well eat. Their food is great.

        If you're waiting for Delfina, your best bet is to grab a bottle of wine from Buy Rite and enjoy it in Dolores Park.

        1. re: ihartsf

          I would echo Robert's rec for Monk's Kettle - but best to get their early, it fills up pretty quick.

          1. re: ihartsf

            Dolores Park near 10 p.m.? Hope they bring a blanket and a space heater.

            500 Club is closest; it's definitely a dive, but a comfortable one. Monk's Kettle has some wines in addition to a huge array of (mostly Belgian) beer. If you're looking for something a bit more upscale, that might be your best bet.

            For cocktails, you can try to have a drink at the bar at Range.

            1. re: pane

              I would definitely second Range. It's about 2-3 blocks away. I'm part of a group of people who has been trying different cocktails around the city all summer long (it's been a tough, tough project) and Range was my favorite so far.

              Have the sungold zinger. It's awesome.

              1. re: pane

                There go my critical reading skills. I missed the 10 p.m. reservation time. Generally suboptimal that late, but I bet the park will be nice tonight.

                Conduit's a good 6 blocks away, but they have a nice long bar and make classic cocktails. Dosa also has an underrated bar, though it'll probably be crowded.

          2. Elixer Bar on corner of 16th and Guerro. One of the top cocktail places in town, plus a good selection of beers and other things.

            1. Delfina doesn't serve "drinks" but the bar's nice enough to get there early. You'll probably get your table early. Order a glass of prosecco and an appetizer. Otherwise, Zuni's my favorite bar. Mecca might not be a bad choice- you can walk off the manhattan on your way to Delfina.

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              1. re: RoccoPizzoferrato

                Isn't Delfina's bar usually filled with people eating?

              2. I just moved into the area--and there are lots and lots of good bars a few blocks south. The Latin American club and Revolution cafe on 22nd street are lively and fun (perhaps a bit too lively on a Fri night) and both serve excellent strong mixed drinks. Parea--the Greek wine bar on Valencia and 19th might be a nice place for a quieter drink; couches, never too busy, and an interesting wine list.