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Sep 3, 2008 09:46 PM

Anything new in Tel Aviv?

Going there in a month--any thing new (since five years--hah) or good I should be trying?

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  1. Check out for the latest and greatest.

    Dont be afraid to venture north to Herzelia as there are a number of good places in the mall on the waterfront.

    Also the following:

    Bruno's in Azrieli Center
    Meat and Wine in Herzelia
    Papagaio in Azrieli
    Bistro56 in Herzelia
    Busi in Shuk Hatikva

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    1. Papagaio in Hertzelia
      PASHA Tel Aviv
      Teriaki and Alfredo in Petach Tikva

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          Wow Pasha was excellent! My new best kosher restaurant-had the halvah covered ice cream for dessert (sounds weird but was great), the lamb chops and the beef (word I can't pronounce) on pita. We loved the dandelion-parsley salad and the stuffed eggplant and stuffed zucchini appetizers.

        2. Ahavat Hayam, a great fish restaurant in Tel-Aviv.

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          1. re: Fetzel

            We were in Israel for the Chagim and here's what we tried and liked:

            Meat and Wine in Herzliya Pituach. Great steak, great service. Nice ambiance. We lamented spending cash at Papagaio - for the same price we had a wonderful meal, with just the right steaks, not a bunch of substandard meat cuts covered in oil.

            Gershon in Tel Aviv. Although the steaks were not as fantastic as advertised (they didn't have the "fillet" though when we visited) there were imaginative recipes- the spicy rice, the lolipop chicken wings that were outstanding, as well as a cocktail offering, and phenomenal desserts. Service also excellent and atypical of Israel.