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Sep 3, 2008 09:40 PM

Bun in San Diego

Yeah its still hot.

I was wondering if anyone could reccomend me to a Vietnamese restaurant that makes a spectacular bun - the cold rice vermicelli topped with grilled meats and or bi/ eggrolls?

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  1. Have you not been to Phoung Trang? I'm not going to commit to spectacular, but the bun is very good. There is an excellent bakery right next door for coffee/pastries after your dinner.

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    1. re: sdnativa

      Pho Ca Dao in Mira Mesa (Mira Mesa Blvd.) has great bun. My favorite is the grilled pork and fried spring roll combination. They originally got my attention with their pho, but I've switched focus to their bun. Yummy!

      1. re: SDgirl

        I actually had a not so great experience with the bun at the Ca Dao on El Cajon on Monday, but it could be because I got it to go. Believe it or not I really enjoyed the bun at the Pho Superbowl in La Mesa.

    2. I know. I could go for a good bun right now, too. Don't know if North County is ever an option for you, but there's a little place in San Marcos on Rancho Santa Fe and Escondido Ave. that makes a nice bun. It's in the strip mall, I believe the name is Kim's.

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        We ate there a lot when they first opened, but something changed about 6 months in. They switched to cheaper ingredients (notably, iceburg lettuce instead of tastier greens in bun and all other dishes), and there may have been a different chef as well. We felt bad for abandoning them, but I can not recommend the restaurant.

      2. If you want a more upscale restaraunt Saigon on 5th in Hillcrest has a pretty good bun.

        1. Pho Hoa Cali Express in Mira Mesa can be very good but there have been a few times when the cooks just didn't do a good job. On the upside they have a massive menu and about 90% of their business is Vietnamese so I'm guessing it's pretty authentic.

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            Actually I've found Pho Hoa Cali Express to offer the best renditions of bun, bun bo Hue, com tam, com tam cari ga, and pho than most of the others on Mira Mesa Blvd, and have one of the more consistent kitchens. I particularly like how their BBQ items turns out. A good change of pace to PHCE is Lucky right across the street, whose style tends towards more rustic renditions of the same menu items.

            OT but I particularly like PHCE's gan for pho, which is always cut thick but yet cooked to perfect doneness. Mmmmm, I could sure use one of their bowls right now!

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              Second the bun and food in general at Pho Hoa Cali. We head to RB about once a week for it -- we'll be there today!

              1. re: maestra

                I think Pho Hoa Cali changed their name to Pho Cow Cali, unless we're talking about different places...nevertheless, Pho Cow Cali does good pho and bun and pretty much everything on the menu.

          2. Don't know how it ranks with others, but the best I've had is the grilled (?) pork bun at Saigon on ECB.