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Sep 3, 2008 09:29 PM

Best Sandwich in Slope/Carroll Gardens?

I'm looking for a damn good sandwich in the Slope/Caroll Gardens/Boerum Hill area.


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  1. I'm not sure about the location of Boerum Hill, but if it's close, I'd rec Defonte's (sp?).I think it may be located in Red Hook, but they make killer sandwiches. :-}

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    1. re: Tay

      Defontes is on Columbia St. in Red Hook, a couple blocks south of the Battery Tunnel entrance. They do indeed make a fine sandwich, particularly a great roast beef. It's near, but not in, the above-named neighborhoods. Open until 3 or 4, closed Sundays.

      1. re: Woodside Al

        I'm pretty sure it's at Columbia and Luquer. It's on the corner. Their roast beef, mozzarella and fried eggplant sandwich is worth the trip if you can get there.

        1. re: Mike11201

          Agree on DeFonte's. Very good bread. Great roast beef. Also great roast pork. The fried eggplant is great. You can ask them to add it to any sandwich I think. Also recommend Nicky's Special. Many different types of cured meat, provolone, fried eggplant, crunchy spicy pickled vegetables.

          But if you don't have a car or bike, could be a pain to get to depending on where in the area you live. More within the stated neighborhoods, I'd recommend Catene Deli on Ninth St near Fourth Ave. Smaller place, maybe a more limited selection, but the roast beef (ask for them to douse it in their nice brothy gravy) is very tasty.

    2. I know a lot of people love the sandwiches at Tempo Presto, I do too. I also like Press 195. Both are on 5th Avenue. The only thing is you can't really sit and eat at Tempo Presto.

      1. You would be surprised, but on Flatbush between Bergen and St. Marks, Mitchells Bar and Grill has fantastic sandwiches. It is a restaurant and bar in the back, but you wouldn't know it since when you first walk in they have a sandwich bar. Not gourmet or anything (like Press or Tempo, both very good), but big hearty sandwiches made on quality bread. Make your own or order off the menu, beware the ridiculous creations though

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        1. re: ginsbera

          In that same vein City Sub on Bergen between Flatbush and 5th Ave. is very good. Not gourmet by any stretch but a couple of notches up from standard deli fare.

          1. re: Bob Martinez

            Have to say, I tried City Sub and thought it was a Subway. I wanted to like it, wanted to have another option for a standard sandwich, but I found it pretty bad. My gf also had it and while she wasn't as disappointed as me she thought it was nothing special and preferred Mitchell's hands down.

            1. re: Bob Martinez

              Couldn't agree more about City Sub--they'll make whatever you want however you want it. One caveat, though, if you're looking for superlative Italian deli meats, this is not the place--they have good but standard of those. Everything else is wonderful, though.

          2. A and S Pork Store on Fifth Avenue, good sandwiches, but no tables. Have to take out.

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            1. re: gfood

              they are closing, but moving to 5th btw 2nd and 3rd in the next few months.

              1. re: ginsbera

                Thanks everyone! Clearly I need to check out De Fontes.

                What about favorite panini style sandwiches? Or inventive a la 'wichcraft?

                1. re: margieslocal

                  Press 195 and Tempo Presto in Park Slope

            2. Do you like banh mi? Don't miss Hanco's just off of Smith Street. There's a Nicky's nearby too, on Atlantic Avenue, but I personally prefer Hanco's.