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Sep 3, 2008 06:34 PM

The Best Bread In Nassau County

Who's got it??

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  1. I really enjoy the breads sold at the Bestyet Markets the Italian loaves and rolls are like what I enjoyed in Brooklyn which is where the baking's done

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      1. re: Kingphish Fairway who does thier own baking is good with also a Jewish style bakery right next door

        1. re: scunge

          It's apparently a chain, but haven't tried it myself. This link for Best Yet actually works:

      2. re: scunge

        I get all my bread at Best Yet now, they "import" Tom Cat and other city breads and I am in heaven. I've never had anything at Fairway that compares, even though I LOVE Fairway.

      3. I've picked up bread for dinner parties at Cardinali when I haven't had time to make it myself, and the guests always praise it.

        1. do you know if they bake in a coal oven??The ones in Bklyn are great!!

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          1. Any Glen Cove local hounds know if the St. Rocco bakery across from the church is still in business? They used to have the greatest brick oven bread, but I heard there was a fire.

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              St Rocco's got a new name a few years ago, but I forget what it was. The last time I was by there a few months ago, the place was empty. I'll have to check again as the bread was great, unchanged from the St Rocco's days.

                1. re: Kingphish

                  Drove by today and it's not good for lovers of the coal oven bread from St. Rocco's. The windows are boarded up. There is a full dumpster in the driveway. The old St. Rocco's signs are visible, two of the three Casa Dolce signs have gone.

                  The only good signs are that there were two vehicles parked on the drive, one, a van, parked in by the dumpster. The glass front door and the glass door at the front of the bakehouse were not boarded up. No activity.

                  The question remains, will great rustic Italian bread return?

                  1. re: therealdoctorlew

                    That's too bad. I grew up with two great Italian bread bakeries in Glen Cove.
                    There was the Landing Bakery ... in the neighborhood of the same name ... then there was the aformentioned bakery near St. Rocco's RC Church ... run by a man named Giambruno ...was a junior football coach and one of his kids became a local cop.
                    We used to call the small loaves "juniors" and they were warm from the oven.

                    1. re: dw438

                      Drove by the St. Rocco site yesterday, and Lo! and Behold!, there is new construction going on and a big new sign saying that St Rocco's Bakery is coming back. Once they return in fact instead of in intention, I'll see if the coal oven bread has also reurned. We shall see.

            2. Baker's of All Nations on Jericho Tpke in Mineola has great Portuguese cornbread. It is the southern style cornbread, but more like a dense jewish style cornbread. Its called a broa. Really great. They also have really good breads of all kinds, and generally are less expensive than other places.