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Sep 3, 2008 06:05 PM


Why did this restaurant close for business?

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  1. Because they didn't do enough business to stay in business.

    1) Bad, bad location, 2) bad, bad, logo, and 3) a complete lack of coherence between the concept and the name. (plus whatever internal factors may have contributed to the demise.)

    It just never came of the gate as a winner, which is unfortunate, because it seemed that the owner's intentions were authentic and from a good place.

    1. poor execution of food, chefs didn't seem to look at (or taste) what went out to the customers

      1. We went a few moths after they opened and had one of the worst restaurant meals we had in some time. They were priced at the same range as Lark, Cafe Juanita, and Harvest Vine; so there was no reason to go back. No problems with service and atmosphere, just REALLY bad food.

        I also think that the location is a few years from becoming a viable upscale restaurant location.

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          I agree with both barleywino ahd hhlodesign. This place was doomed from the get-go. The food I had there was horrible. The vibe in the place was really strange - kind of like the walking dead.