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Old Dutch Chips @ College & Spadina

Mr. Sub at College and Spadina has a whole rack of All Dressed chips. They also have Rip-L Sour Cream & Onion.

I saw some Old Dutch BBQ chips at the CNE. I would have bought some except there was a small HD logo on the bag. It confused me, but the All Dressed is the genuine experience. Hopefully this is a sign we'll see all the flavours soon?

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  1. I'm pretty sure they have all the flavors now. I saw a large selection at Walmart 2 weeks ago. I bought a lot of salt+vinegar, its all I eat.

    1. Humpty Dumpty bought Old Dutch a while back, I think.

      I bought a bag of Old Dutch BBQ labelled with the HD logo and they were just Humpty Dumpty BBQ chips being branded mainly as Old Dutch. However, I much prefer the pure Old Dutch flavours, so I hope they don't go away.

      I know Old Dutch is very popular in Western Canada, maybe HD is trying to increase their market share out there, but if the taste isn't the same, people won't go for it.

      As long as they don't get rid of/change the Old Dutch Smoked BBQ, I'll be happy.

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        I think the HD BBQ flavour is just that, and for some of us who grew up in Quebec for example, it's pretty tasty. There are a million Old Dutch flavours in Toronto now, it's pretty great. I like the jalapeno cheese kettle chips best, so far.

      2. Sobeys is also carrying the Old Dutch lineup in selected stores. I picked up some ketchup chips at the new Leaside location 2 weeks ago, and they were the Old Dutch formula, not HD. I've been craving Old Dutch chips since I moved out east, and at last, they're here.

        1. I picked up Old Dutch ruffled and creamy dill at the No Frills at Dundas and Lansdowne. I didn't see too much variety in terms of flavours, but I love creamy dill, so I left happy.

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            I love the Ruffles Thick Cut Creamy Dill - yum!

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              OD also makes a baked version of the creamy dill. Yum!

            2. Finally found some OD ketchup chips here in the city, very very happy

              1. For years i would have to travel for Old Dutch chips .. it's great to see them being stocked around the city now ie Rabba stores, Shell gas station

                Ketchup was delicious as usual!! but then I bought a BBQ bag and i was confused because it didn't taste so great

                1. Which flavours have people seen with the HD branding besides BBQ? Any?

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                    I saw a billboard on Adelaide yesterday advertising Old Dutch chips. Then I saw them on the shelves at the Queens Quay Loblaws. All the flavours were there, ketchup, bbq, jalapeno and cheese, salt & vinegar, etc. They even had some Old Dutch popcorn. I picked up a bag of ketchup and it tastes the same as I remember. I don't see any sign of HD on the bag. It says Old Dutch Chips, Winnipeg.

                  2. I love Old Dutch Chips from Winnipeg. I did buy a bag of BBQ recently in Toronto and the taste was not the Old Dutch taste at all.
                    If HD bought out Old Dutch, does that mean that the factory in Winnipeg has been closed down?

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                      D'oh! I got my facts wrong, Old Dutch bought out HD.

                      This is better news for me as I really like the Old Dutch flavours and found the HD ones edible and not exciting. In fact, the Smoked BBQ are my current favourite comfort food.

                    2. My favorite are the baked Creamy Dill, but they are hard to find.

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                        I had a small bag of the regular Creamy DIll, and was it good! I am used to "Dill Pickle" chips which (to me) are overpowering, but these were much more mellow and even had a nice dill aftertaste.

                      2. full selection at highland farms, i picked up some ketchup & creamy dill

                        did not see the baked ones , those sound great

                        1. loblaws at st. clair/bathurst has a huge selection of old dutch

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                            What about the Mesquite BBQ? It is so hot and tasty.
                            Has anyone seen that flavour around?

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                              Ive been seeing good ol mesquite BBQ all over town. I have seen them the most at Loblaws and Rabba.

                          2. A steady (if small) source of the large baked creamy dill can be found at the variety store in Allencourt Plaza, RIchmond Hill. And I've gotten the small bags at Mr. Submarine.