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Sep 3, 2008 04:40 PM

Beefeater Steak House

Three years ago I was in Hollywood and had an excellent skirt steak at this Argentinean restaurant. Are they still around? Has anyone tried this restaurant recently?

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    1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

      The place has la bomba lunch specials. It's like $6 for a marinated, grilled skirt steak, fresh pasta, and salad. They've got decent sweetbreads and blood sausage too. IMO the skirt steak is better (juicier, seasoned better, less lean, crispy grilled) than the $25 one at Lola's up the street.

      1. re: johnmlinn

        Just heard they upped lunch special prices by $1. Still a good deal though.

    2. I go there semi-regularly and it's always pretty good.

      1. They are indeed still there! The last time I was there was about about 2 months ago. It was as good as it ever was!

        1. Have not eaten at Beefeater, but have dined several times at Argentango on Young Circle, and the food, particularly the Churrasco and Hanger Steak were excellent.

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          1. re: truffled

            And I love Argentango sangria. Though it goes by a different name there. Basically they have peach, strawberry, orange and other fresh fruit in a pitcher and mix it by your table.
            I have tried both Beefeater and Argentango and I love the latter a lot better, for the ambiance and the food. It's slightly more expensive but still very good value. I know a lot of people love Beefeater but the time I went there we were rather unimpressed with our order.

          2. Hey there Fatbully;
            I live walking distance from the Beefeater. Love it. It is still there. As a matter of fact I had dinner there a few days ago. Always the same-- GREAT