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Grocery Outlet September 2008


$1.99 - 500 ml ArteOliva extra virgin olive oil (best used by 06/08
$11.99 - Sirius Vodka 1 liter

San Pablo

99 cents - Hormel Natural Choice uncured hard salami (7 oz)
2 for $1 - Cabot chocolate raspberry Greek-style yogurt
3 for $1- Dannon natural non fat plain yogurt
$1.50 - 1 lb (I think) golden cherry type of tomatoes

The olive oil is in a tetra pak.The price is good. It tastes fresh and is nice for cooking. The olive taste isn't too strong.

That Sirius French vodka (made from glacier water) is really nice and smooth

There have been other Hormel cold cuts showing up recently for $1.49. I like the salami.

Cabot is really stretching it calling this Greek style yogurt. It is similar in texture to original yoplait. It's ok. There's a strong raspberry jam taste and nice enough chocolate. Just don't expect Greek yogurt.

Not a lot of taste to those tomatoes but they are priced decently and will do in a pinch.

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  1. I bought that olive oil last month and I think it's more than adequate for cooking. It has a nice buttery olive flavor without being too grassy or peppery. It should keep well in the tetrapak, since it's both vacuum sealed and completely opaque, so there's no potential for air or light damage.

    1. Yeah, I bought that olive oil and used for many things..it was pretty darn good for cooking. got to go get more.. remember tetra-packs are oxygen permeable.. so don't buy lots unless you transfer to bottles and fill right up to tippy top.. to keep oxygen out.
      also the Oakland store has Canadian goat cheese logs for $3.49 for a whole pound and its much better than the Trader joe one that is made in Sonoma..(my taste).

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      1. re: jason carey

        Tetra pak is classified as a "high barrier" packaging material. You probably introduce more oxygen into the oil through aeration when you pour the oil from one container to another, and the tetra pak is a much better light barrier than even dark glass bottles.

      2. I was at the Berkeley store and they had wild Alaska smoked salmon, 8oz for $4.99 and 16oz for $7.99. Haven't tried it yet but that's less then half of normal.

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        1. re: ML8000

          They had that last year. It seems there's a new supply. It is good. It's no Capt'n Mikes, but it beats anything you can get at Trader Joe's. I've been buying it regularily and am happy with it.

          1. re: rworange

            I bought a lot of it last year around the holidays -- the packaging is very attractive so it makes a nice hostess gift.

            Oakland was kind of picked over this evening, but I picked up some nice buys:

            The Columbus salame "Renaissance flavors of France" line, they still had the hot fennel (very hot) and the peppered (very peppery), 10 ounce whole salames for $1.50. I find the seasoning on the outside of these to be overpowering, but I just scrape it off before I slice it.

            Dickenson's lemon curd, $1.49 jar.
            Harry and David's Moose Munch (original dark chocolate) $1.49 for 4.5 ounces (use by 9/28/08).

            Harvest organic whole flax seeds, $2.99 for 12 ounces.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              I finally noticed the used best used by date on the peppered I bought in Berkeley. It is soon. How long does salami, wrapped the way this stuff is, last unopened and once opened?

              1. re: wolfe

                It's cured meat -- it lasts a long time, but I don't know how long is too long.

                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                  The spices are in aspic which is probably the ingredient that sets the shelf life limit.

            2. re: rworange

              Finally opened the smoked salmon, very good...excellent for the price. I was a bit surprised. Very subtle for what it is.

          2. Westwood 2000 Syrah El Dorado County!!

            I don't know if this is available in the Bay Area G.O., but last week I bought one bottle at the G.O. on Zinfidel in Rancho Cordova. It was so good that I returned and luckily they still had a small supply on the shelf. It is selling for $3.99 and to me it is an amazing bargain. I belong to a couple of local El Dorado County wine clubs and think this is as good or better than I have had at those wineries at a much higher price.

            I did some research and evidently the grapes are from El Dorado County but the wine is produced in the Napa Valley.

            If it is available at the Bay Area G.O.'s I would highly recommend giving it a try.

            1. San Pablo has

              $2.99 - Maple Niman Ranch bacon (12 oz)
              99 cents - LU cookies

              I like the Petit Ecolier (sp) a lot. I never tried their Pims (raspberry). Don't know what these noramlly taste like, but even though the package has a 'best by' 12 2008, they tasted stale to me and the chocolate was awful. Not up to other LU cookies I've tried.

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              1. re: rworange

                I tried the maple Niman Ranch bacon yesterday. (From the Berkeley store, same price.) It smelled very maple-y while it was cooking, kind of nasty, actually. I didn't taste much maple, though. I'm not wild about it, but It's a good price, so I'd get it again (Wow, I can barely see what I'm typing.)

              2. Odds and ends today at RWC:

                Wallaby Organic yogurt - 2 for $1 - strawberry guava and mango lime
                Kettle Chips (organic) - 99 c-- lightly salted & chipotle BBQ
                Naked Juice --99c -- chocolate banana protein shake
                Good Earth tea (in a plastic jug -- 64oz?) -- $2.49
                Back to Nature Cheddar Crackers (like Cheez-Its - no hydrogenated oils) -- $1.29

                1. San Pablo

                  3 for $1 - Dried mangos (3.5 oz)
                  4 for $1 - Barry's Busy Bee honey (2oz)
                  3 for $1 - IBC root beer (bottled)
                  4 for $1 - Danon yogurt (4 oz)
                  99 cents - Mori-nu silken tofu (12.5oz)
                  $1.49 - Reese's peanut butter chips (10oz) and lots of other chocolate chips
                  $3.99 - Smuckers natural peanut butter (just peanuts, salt) twin pack (two 26 oz jars)
                  $2.99 - Bolthouse Farms purple carrot juice
                  $1.99 - Orville Redenbackers (sp) organic popcorn
                  $4.99 - Frozen wild Pacific salmon (1.25 lb)
                  $2.99 - Frozen tuna steaks (8 oz)
                  $3.99 - Frozen tlapia (14 oz)
                  $5.99 - Wolfgang Puck's scallop and shrimp brochettes (24 brochettes)
                  $8.99 - 4 pack of Amy's frozen organic pasta bowls (2 ravioli, 2 pesto tortolini) 9.5 oz ea
                  $2.99 - Squirrel Valley nuts

                  The mango is very good if a bit on the sweet side. Only dried mango, sugar, citric acid and sulfer dioxide.

                  The honey containers are so cute and really very cool to stash in the office or as a take along sweetener. They were part of the Bee Movie promotion and are in bee-shaped squeeze bottles. It is a good supermarket honey. I probably will nab a few more of these.

                  Anyone tried the purple carrot juice? It sounded interesting.

                  Also, has anyone tried those Squirrel Valley products? There was a 16 oz package of pepitas (pine nuts?) for $2.99 which finally caught my eye in the extensive display. Lots of trail mixes, bagged pistachios, cashews, almonds, dried fruit.

                  Might be worth it to stock up on chocolate chips for the upcoming holidays. There were mainly Reeses, but I noticed mixed varieties of regular chocolate chips. I think I spotted a bag of mint chocolate chips

                  Don't know if the Wolfgang Puck brochettes are any good ... just caught my eye ... as did another frozen item ... restaurant quality clams in garlic sauce ... didn't check the price on these as frozen clams in garlic sauce seem wrong to me on so many levels ... and yet being restaurant quality, I've probably chowed down on them in the past at some restaurant or another

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                  1. re: rworange

                    I think "pepitas" are pumpkin seeds.?.

                    1. re: sydthekyd

                      Ah, thanks ... you're right ... next to a bag of sunflower seeds, so that makes sense. Not as big a bargain as that many pine nuts. I am going to have to get serious about Spanish before I move to Guatamala. Goot thing I have some time for that.

                    2. re: rworange

                      I tried the Squirrel Valley cashews (salted and roasted). Tasty and still fresh as compared to some of the canned nuts above the ice cream.

                      1. re: rworange

                        I couldn't resist taking a picture of the honey display a week ago. They are really cute.

                      2. Oakland, 16oz tin of Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno, $4.99

                        exp 10/28, seems a bit soft from what I remember

                        1. I was almost certain someone said that the new Grocery Outlet opened in Vallejo. Nuh-uh. Still surrounded by a chain link fence. The old store is still going strong. Today's bargains ... Boursin cheese - 50 cents. Little 1.72 ounce packs of Maxwell House coffee - 3 for $1.

                          Lately the Berkeley store has been the one to shop at. They have a larger cheese selection than any other store and some nice cheeses ... better than the fancy cheese case in a place like Safeway with most of the cheese running $3.99 - $4.99 lb. Most pieces of wrapped cheese are $1 - $2.50.

                          Also, the expiration dates are Feb-Mar 2009. Might be good to stock of for holiday cheese trays. A few of the cheeses.

                          $1.99 - Sonoma Jack cheese cubes 8 oz (garlic, habanero, pesto, blue) Sell by Feb 02 09

                          Ricotta salata from Italy (sheep’s whey) 3.99 lb most pieces are about $2.40 Exp Dec 05 08

                          Ukranian fontina $4.99lb most pieces $2.25 lob sell by feb 11 09

                          California Mission pesto jack 3.99 most pieces under $2

                          Dofino chili-lime gouda 4.99 best used before mar 03 2009

                          Also at Berkeley

                          59 cents - StarKist white albacore tuna 3 oz in water – foil packet (sells for $1.69 at Wal-Mart)

                          $4.99 Round Hill Cabernet Sauvignon. 2005 1.5 liter

                          2 for 88 cents top 100% juice Fruit Dimensions (blueberry/blackberry or black current/raspberry) 10 oz bottles of Tree

                          50 cents - Lipton Chicken Noodle cup-a-soup 4 pack (note: I had to throw away the tomato soup at this price. Something was just weird about it. Haven’t tried the chicken)

                          And my big score … but it was the last one … 50 cents for a 18 oz of Hellmann’s mayo in squeeze bottle.

                          OK, that’s it. Caught up on all my outstanding posts. Now to rest my poor eyes.

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                          1. re: rworange

                            The Oakland store seemed a little better stocked than on my last couple of visits. My favorite is the Chef's Gourmet sausages are back in -- I saw at least three flavors (chicken/apple, chicken/sundried tomato, and my favorite chicken/spinach/gouda) -- $2.49/package. The cheeses you listed are all at Oakland, plus a couple of others (fresh chevre and an aged goat's milk cheese as well). The Boursin is a killer deal. It freezes well, so definitely time to stock up for the holidays. Speaking of the holidays, in addition to the shelf-stable smoked salmon in the canned fish aisle, there were at least two different kinds of smoked salmon in the deli-meat case.

                          2. San Pablo has Land O'Lakes Ultra Creamy European-Style butter for $1.59.

                            Cooks Illustrated liked the extra creamy Land O'Lakes butter better than the European butters.

                            I've been trying to find it locally and never could. It does have a nice mouth-feel, but it is saltier than I liked. How it works in baking is something I personally will never know.

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                            1. re: rworange

                              Here's the Cook's test

                              LAND O’ LAKES Ultra Creamy Salted Butter
                              ($2.89 for 8 ounces
                              This high-fat butter was lighter tasting than some of the other samples but very pleasantly creamy and smooth. A few tasters picked up a “hint of fruitiness,” and it had a good salt punch.

                              Sorry for the extra post. There is yet another wierd editing glitch if editing something more than once and I'm just tired of reporting and dealing with this stuff. All I want to do today is drop any interesting new stuff and get off this site.

                            2. On Sunday at the Santa Rosa GO, I found quite a few goodies.

                              $2.99 Sabra hummus - various flavors (roasted garlic, pine nut, red pepper, classic), this was my first trial of Sabra brand and now i understand why it is so popular
                              99¢ - Back to Nature flaxseed crackers - tried both the plain and white cheddar flavor. White cheddar didn't have much cheese flavor, much preferred the nuttier tasting plain. Very crackly and made a nice lunch with the hummus.
                              $2.99 Alaska wild salmon lox, sliced - haven't tried this yet
                              $3.99 Emerald (domestic) marcona almonds - not so crazy about these, but some might like the drier style. here's the press release, http://www.smartbrief.com/news/aaaa/i...
                              $2.99 2004 Plume Bleue Grenache/Syrah (50/50) Selectionee par Laurence Feraud Vin de pays d'oc, imported by Hand Picked Selections - An excellent vintage, great producer (owner of Domaine Pegau), and an importer known for terrific value from this part of France all added up to a good bet. I popped the cork with a friend that night, and went back for more the next day. It's delicious, well-balanced, just starting to peak, and should show well for the next year plus, so buy a case if you can find it. SR was sold out when I went back, none in Rohnert Park, but I found some in Petaluma. These bottles have a slate blue capsule marked "Pelican".