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Sep 3, 2008 04:06 PM

Best steakhouse for a birthday dinner?

My boyfriend's birthday is this week and since he is so hard to shop for I thought that I would surprise him with dinner at a fabulous steakhouse. I've read a bunch of posts on here, but am still having a hard time deciding which to make reservations at. He's a pretty low key guy...the restaurant does not need to have too many frills, but does need to serve huge portions of meat as the steakhouse idea came to me because he LOVES beef. Also, I would prefer a place that has relatively good sides to accompany the meat and a well-stocked bar. I think that I have narrowed it down to Del Frisco's, Peter Luger's, Keen's or Ben and Jack's or the Strip House. Any suggestions that you have about these places (or any others) would be great

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  1. depends if you want something modern or classic.

    in my opinion, i am only interested in going to peter lugers or keens but they are old school and classic places that i love.

    strip house is a good, sleek and modern steakhouse...also good for a couple.

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    1. re: sam1

      I think something classic would be best.

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        Keen's. Hand's down. IMHO, Keen's is one of the best in NYC. The "mutton chop" (saddle of lamb) and king cut prime rib are great and huge. The sides are ok and the salads are excellent. Much more low key than Luger's and they accept credit cards.

      2. From your list I'd suggest (in this order):
        1. Lugers
        2. Keens
        3. Strip House

        Skip Del Frisco's and B&Js.

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          I vote (and love) Strip House. It would be really romantic. It's low lit and sexy. They make amazing martinis and and the creamed spinach is good too. I vote Strip House

          1. re: malibu

            Thanks for the rec. I turn 50 at the end of the month. (ARGHHH) and LOVE a good slab of red meat (at least once a year). So this may just be the restaurant my husband will be taking me to. Thanks again.

        2. Strip House - and make sure you get him the chocolate cake for dessert!

          1. for a special occassion skip keens. not the place to celebrate a bday with your man.

            1. Sounds like he'd like Luger's - but it's in Brooklyn. Take $300 cash from the bank machine, don't tell him where you're going, get in the cab and tell the driver, then let your boyfriend in the cab, service him, and go to Peter Luger's. He'll have the best night of his life.