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Sep 3, 2008 03:59 PM

Chicago sacrilege? Non-beef hot dogs?

Don't beat me up over this, please. I'm a Cleveland chowhound coming to Chi-Town for a few days, and I really,really want to sink my teeth into a good Chicago dog, but the problem is that I don't eat red meat. Does anyone out there do a comparably decent poultry-based dog? Veggie dogs just don't seem to cut it. I've checked out the menu at Hot Doug's and it all looks good, but it's not the classic frank that I am looking for. Any suggestions? Incidentally, I am staying at the Hyatt Regency on E Wacker, but I fully intent to roam a bit, especially to places easily accesible by public transit.

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  1. Sorry, but it's like asking for a gluten-free veganChicago-style pizza. It's just a sausage in a bun. Poultry dogs are an abomination. fredhots in Glenview (I don't expect you to even try going there) makes an excellent veggie sausage sandwich using Field Roast veggie products:

    but it's definitely not a hot dog.

    The city has a lot to offer, but we wouldn't want to leave you with a taste of non-beef dog in your mouth.

    1. I don't think what you're looking for exists here, at least not in the "classic frank" sense. Hot Doug's is a close as you're going to get in terms of a non-beef sausage. And the bonus is his fun fixins! I visit Doug's as often as possible, and he never, ever disappoints.

      1. I think Hot Doug's might have something that you'd eat...and at the same time, it's part of Chicago's history. Check it out.