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Sep 3, 2008 03:33 PM


I have a hankering for rillettes (thank you, LA Times for doing an article on them but not disclosing anywhere they can bought for home consumption). Does anyone have a good source? I checked Surfas, but I was looking for something locally produced and in delightful Maosn Jars. Joan's on Third, maybe? Little Next Door? Thanks for your help.

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  1. I'd try Nicole in South Pasadena, and Monsieur Marcel. Not sure you will find them in Mason jars though, even if they do carry rillettes.

    1. I believe I read somewhere that PALATE- FOOD & WINE in Glendale has them. Give them a call - 818-662-9463

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        Palate definitely has them on the menu, now whether they will sell them to go would be the only issue.
        Definitely call and ask.

      2. A guess would be Cheese Store Silverlake or Beverly Hills.
        I think they serve rillettes at Sgt Recruiter as part of the charcuterie.

        1. Little Next Door definitely has them on the menu -- my daughter just had them for lunch this afternoon. Very good, as was everything else we had.