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Sep 3, 2008 03:03 PM

Please critique my list for our Paris trip!

We're headed to Paris for a week, and I've been put in charge of reservations by my partner, who is usually the one to do these things. I've been put to the test...please give me some constructive criticism!

First off...these are all dinners, and all reservations are for 8:00 - is that too early? We'll picnic and/or eat lightly at breakfast and lunch, as we usually do. (I'll probably have macarons for lunch almost every day...what can I say?)

We are coming from the States, so the exchange rate is going to be a killer. Add to that the fact that we prefer things as informal as possible, and I've basically kept it to bistrots.

So here's our list:

Autour d'un verre (first night, wanted something close to the hotel)
Le Pre Verre
A la Biche Au Bois
L'Avant Gout (Saturday night)
Le Petit Pontoise
Au Bon Acceuil
Auberge Pyrenees Cevennes

I have one night left to make reservations for. I'm also a little concerned that I'm going to be feeling overfed halfway through this list. Help me out here...

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. i'd replace L'avant Gout with L'ami Jean. i was unimpressed with L'Avant Gout. L'ami Jean, conversely, should be memorable. Biche au Bois is also excellent and informal/authentic.

    1. We're heading to Paris on Friday as well, and um, I think I am stealing your list--this looks like exactly what I want to eat!

      P.S. I think you are supposed to leave Paris overfed.

      1. 8pm is fine (though on the early side for sure). The list if good but indeed skipping Chez l'Ami Jean or La Régalade would be a mistake, methinks.

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          I have one more to add...I'll add L'Ami Jean (if possible.) Should I replace L'Avant Gout with La Regalade, or is there a different one I should remove from the list?

          Thanks so much for your advice!


        2. Lucky you to be heading to Paris. At least the Euro has declined in the past few weeks, my girlfriend went in July when it was close to 160. It hovered in the high 150's.
          I have been to three of your choices. Le Petit Pontoise is excellent, I would rate that my favorite bistro out of the three, that I can comment on your list.If you like escargot order it, it was wonderful, sublime, served in a little copper pot. I also remember having a fantastic duck breast, Au Bon Acceuil was truely wonderful the first time I went there about 4 years ago. The last few times it was not as great but still really really good. The plus of that place is walking out and taking a picture of the tower at night. You can get a great shot of it right on that street, then of course the stroll down to it.. Biche Au Bois, is very good also, but I haven't been there in a few years. I remember having a great foie gras there, the pkace was very crowded and noisy, but that is typical of a lot of Parisian bistro's.I would suggest Petit Troquet in the 7th on Rue de l'Expositon, is truely a tiny little bistro, the food is fantastic, I had the best rabbit "lasagna" there and I remember the fabulous desserts. I really like Florimond on La Mott Piquot in the 7th. I have to mention Le Veiux Bistro literally right next to Notre Dame, I hesitated to go thinking how good could it be, so close to such a tourist attraction, well it is now one of my must go to places when in Paris. Their rack of lamb withe the scalloped potatoes is excellent as is the frog legs. I also have to give their escargot a thumbs up. Last May when I was there my husband and I truely enjoyed it and met a wonderful old french couple ther and we so enjoyed our lunch with them. Being that you mentioned light lunches there is agreat little place to get steak and frittes, it is so tiny they only have seats in front to eat, but the steak and frits are fabulous, it is on Rue Galande across the river from Notre Dame near the Latin Quarter it is called La Friterie. Enjoy your trip!!!