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Sep 3, 2008 03:01 PM

best reasonably priced tasting menu??

Hi! This is my first post here!
I'm looking for a tasting menu thats a real dining experience but in a reasonable price range. I guess that depends on my definition of reasonable, right? To me somewhere between $80-100 is reasonable. There are amazing restaurants that go way above that and I've experienced them and love them. But I'd like to find some other places... for example I've heard Wallse has a very good tasting menu @ $85, and if you want wine pairings that another $50 which really isn't that bad when you think about it. Anyone got any other ideas??

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  1. My vote is for Degustation. Very reasonable and very delicious. If it's not filling, you can always order more.

    I bet Wallse would be great; never tried the tasting menu there.

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      I second Degustation, but get the 10-course. The 5-course is not enough food, so you would need to order additional dishes anyway, and the dishes on the 10-course are somewhat different from the a la carte menu.

    2. On the upper end of your range but amazing is Bouley, just went last week. Others that I have not had but are within your range and worth considering are Anthos, Esca, Telepan, and Annisa.

      1. Thanks for the ideas so far! Thats funny I've heard people talking about both Degustation and Anthos a lot recently.

        1. Degustation has a 5 course tasting for $50 and a 10 course tasting for $75.

          Bar Milano has one for $85 per person.

          Esca's is $65 per person.

          Telepan offers a 4 course for $64 and a 5 course for $74.

          Maze at Gordon Ramsay is a 4 course menu at $60 or set 6 course menu at $75 per person.

          Babbo's tasting is $69 per person for the pasta tasting or $75 for the chef's tasting.

          Devi has a tasting menu for $65.

          Hearth's tasting menu is $90.

          Tailor's tasting is $90.

          Annisa offers a five course tasting for $75 and a seven course for $95.

          p*ong has a variety of options, of which there are two in your range: two tasting menus, the suite at $63 and the suite luxe at $88.

          Gramercy Tavern has a vegetable (vegetable focused but not vegetarian) tasting for $88. Note that they are very flexible about substitutions do you can easily swap in a course from the chef's tasting or prix fixe menu.

          Blue Hill's tasting is $68 per person.

          Momofuku Ssam Bar will do a $70 tasting menu where the chef picks anything out of the regular menu, typically one from each category. I think they have a fair amount of flexibility in what's in your meal.

          For sushi or Japanese, you could do Ushiwakamaru. There is a $75 menu and a $100 menu. Kanoyama has a sushi tasting menu for $57 and a sashimi tasting for $67. Lan has a chef’s tasting menu at $58. Le Miu has two chef's tasting menus, one for $55 and one for $75. Sugiyama does kaiseki meals at a variety of options: 5 courses for $58, 8 course "modern" menu for $75, and 6 course "chef's choice" for $96.

          If you want to save a bit of money, is lunch an option? Lots of restaurants offer abbreviated, cheaper tasting menus during lunch, although most places only offer weekday lunch. Some lunch options:

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            Wow! Thanks for all the info kathryn!! After having looked at some of the menu's I'm leaning toward Annisa, how is it?? Oh and someone else recommended Fleur de Sel, anyone been there?

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              I've had the tasting menu at Fleue de Sel and I thought the food was amazing and it was a good value for the money. Each course was well constructed and cooked perfectly. The atmosphere is very calm and peaceful. The restaurant is very small and intimate so I think it would work better for a small group. The service was very good and the wine list provides good choices at all price levels. Overall, we had a very good experience and I would definitely recommend Fleur de Sel.

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                I've had the 5 course tasting menu at Annisa several times and it is always wonderful. They are pretty flexible on substituting things from the menu (we always ask for the miso marinated sable). And hopefully your tasting includes soup dumplings -- they are fantastic (way better than rickshaw). I'd definitely go again.

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                  I. too, am curious about Annisa and am looking forward to some informationa about the tasting menu.

                2. Compass, but must say I haven't been in a year.

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                    Compass is closed and is supposed to be reopening this month with a new menu.